Review Article p. 667

Bioavailability Enhancement of Partially Water Soluble Solid Medicament in Traditional System of Medicine

K. D. Yadav*, A. K. Chaudhary and A. K. Verma

Liquid state medicaments like Kwatha (decoction), sneha kalpa (oleaginous preparation), asavarista (biomedical fermentation) are supposed to have higher bioavailability due to higher absorpt..

Review Article p. 674

Enhancement of the Solubility of Poorly Water Soluble Drugs through Solid Dispersion: A Comprehensive Review

G. Singh*, L. Kaur, G. D. Gupta and S. Sharma

Solubility is an important determinant in drug liberation and hence drug absorption, which plays a key role in oral bioavailability of formulations. The dissolution rate of a drug directly d..

Research Paper p. 688

Green Synthesis of Iron Nanoparticles using Aqueous Extract of Musa ornata Flower Sheath against Pathogenic Bacteria

S. Saranya*, K. Vijayarani and S. Pavithra

Iron nanoparticles were synthesized using Musa ornata flower sheath extract. The optimum precursor salt concentration, pH of the reaction mixture, ratio between reducing agent and precursor ..

Research Paper p. 695

Green Synthesis of Stable Copper Nanoparticles and Synergistic Activity with Antibiotics

Kiranmai Mandava*, Keerthi Kadimcharla, Neeraja R. Keesara, Sumayya N. Fatima, Prathyusha Bommena and Uma R. Batchu

In the present study an attempt has been made to synthesize copper nanoparticles from green tea (Camellia sinensis) and β-cyclodextrin. Polyphenols present in green tea extract reduced ..

Research Paper p. 701

A Pilot Study on the Impact of Pharmacist Intervention in Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus Counselling Program in a Rural Community

Krishnaveni Kandasamy*, M. Konakalla, R. Sam, J. Sebastian, A. Natarajan, S. S. Rajagopal and S. Ramanathan

Diabetes of all types can lead to complications and can increase the overall risk of dying prematurely, which include heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, leg amputation, vision loss and ne..

Research Paper p. 707

Comparative Analyses of Gene Clusters and Ks-alpha Genes Involved in the Biosynthesis of Chromomycin A3 and Mithramycin

G. Mustafa and A. Jamil

Chromomycin A3 and mithramycin are tricyclic antitumor compounds of aureolic acid class of polyketides, which are structurally related. Both polyketides differ in their glycosylation profile..

Research Paper p. 715

Preclinical Evaluation of Scorzonera sp. Root Extracts and Major Compounds Against Acute Hepatotoxicity Induced by Carbon Tetrachloride

H. Ozbek O. Bahadir Acikara*, I. Keskin N. I. Kirmizi T. Yigitbasi, A. A. sakul and G. Saltan Iscan

Evaluation of hepatoprotective activities of Scorzonera roots and their major compounds, was aimed in current study. Scorzonera latifolia, S. tomentosa, S. mollis ssp. szowitsii, S. parviflo..

Research Paper p. 724

Treatment of Gastric Ulcers with Fenugreek Seed Extract; In Vitro, In Vivo and In Silico Approaches

B. Figer, R. Pissurlenkar, Premlata Ambre, Samidha Kalekar, Renuka Munshi, Manjusha Gatne and Vaishali Shirsat*

The objective of the present study was to evaluate the antiulcer or gastroprotective potential of fenugreek seed aqueous extract using in vitro and in vivo models and to elucidate the possib..