Review Article p. 328

Effects of Nutraceutical Punicic Acid

H. A. Bedel, N. T. Turgut, A. U. Kurtoglu and C. Usta*

Plant extracts and nutraceuticals are the most ancient and widespread form of medication among the general population. The pomegranate is an prehistoric, mystical and highly different fruit...

Review Article p. 335

Molecular Mechanisms of Cardiotoxicity: A Review on Major Side-effect of Doxorubicin

M. Mobaraki, A. Faraji, M. Zare, P. Dolati, M. Ataei and H. R. Dehghan Manshadi*

Doxorubicin is among the most powerful drugs used for the treatment of both adult and child cancers. Doxorubicin is a major cause of chemotherapy-induced cardiotoxicity that is a restricting..

Research Paper p. 345

A Quality by Design Approach for Coating Process Parameter Optimization

B. K. Nayak, P. Elchidana and P. K. Sahu*

Film coating is a thin polymer layer applied on to a solid dosage form. Quality by design approach was explored to optimize the tablet coating process using Opadry®, an optimized one ste..

Research Paper p. 353

Simultaneous HPLC Determination of Efavirenz, 8-hydroxy Efavirenz, Neostigmine and Comparison of their Separation Using a C18 and Biphenyl Column through Pharmacological Evaluation

S Kumar*, P. J. Bouic and B. Rosenkranz

A simple, rapid and stable high performance liquid chromatography method for a combination of efavirenz, its major metabolite 8-hydroxy efavirenz and neostigmine was developed and validated...

Research Paper p. 361

Antitumor Studies of Earthworm Fibrinolytic Enzyme Component A from Eisenia foetida on Breast Cancer Cell Line MCF-7

C. M. Liu, X. T. Chen, Y. Y. Pan, H. Liang, S. L. Song* and A. G. Ji*

Earthworm fibrinolytic enzyme from Chinese earthworm Eisenia foetida was isolated to investigate its antitumor activity in breast cancer cells. The protein isolated was characterised as eart..