Review Article p. 781

Review of Nanoemulsion Formulation and Characterization Techniques

K. Gurpreet and S. K. Singh*

Nanoemulsions are colloidal dispersion systems that are thermodynamically stable, composed of two immiscible liquids mixed along with emulsifying agents (surfactants and co-surfactants) to f..

Review Article p. 790

Medicinal Value of Apricot: A Review

S. Gupta*, M. Chhajed, S. Arora, Gurjeet Thakur and Renu Gupta

Herbs are one of the most important sources of medicines for humans for confronting diseases and disorders. Even after several developments in the field of allopathic system of medicine, unt..

Research Paper p. 795

Evaluation of Immunological and Moisturizing Activities of beta-glucan Isolated from Molasses Yeast Waste

T. Krisdaphong, T. Toida, M. Popp, J. Sichaem and S. Natkankitkul*

Systematic extraction and purification of β-glucan was attempted from molasses yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) waste available from ethanol industry. The aim was to create value for th..

Research Paper p. 802

Antioxidant Activity of the Aqueous Extract of Iris taochia and Identification of its Chemical Constituents

H. Askin*, B. Yilmaz, I. Gulcin, P. Taslimi, S. Bakirci, M. Yildiz and N. Kandemir

In this study, phytochemical components and antioxidant capacity of extracts obtained from Iris taochia plant, which is endemic to Caucasus, were investigated. Fifteen new compounds were det..

Research Paper p. 813

Development of Long Acting Depot Injection of Iloperidone by SABER Technology

V. Dubey and T. R. Saini*

The present investigations report the application of SABER® technology in the development of a one-month depot injection of iloperidone. SABER® is a new in situ gel formulation techn..

Research Paper p. 820

A Novel Validated Stability-indicating HPTLC Method to Quantitate Forskolin as a Bulk Drug and in a Nanosuspension

Nazia Khan*, Ameeduzzafar, Asgar Ali and Farhan Jalees Ahmad

A novel, reproducible, precise, accurate and dependable high-performance thin-layer chromatographic technique was developed and authenticated as per International Conference on Harmonizatio..

Research Paper p. 827

Potentially Active Fluorescent Drug Polymer Nanoconjugate for Antibacterial Drug Delivery

H. Singh, T. Raj, T. S. Banipal and S. K. Mehta*

Synthesis of sulphanilamide-based organic nanoaggregates and their interactions with PEG-6000 were studied using absorption and emission spectroscopy. Size and morphology of sulphanilamide-b..

Research Paper p. 837

Poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) Microspheres Containing a Recombinant Parathyroid Hormone (1-34) for Sustained Release in a Rat Model

R. Baskaran, C. J. Lee, S. M. Kang, Y. Oh, S. E. Jin, D. H. Lee and S. G. Yang*

Recombinant parathyroid hormone (1-34), the drug of choice for treating severe osteoporosis, has a short half-life and requires daily subcutaneous injections. Controlled release formulation ..