Review Article p. 697

Teixobactin: A Powerful Tool for Combating Resistant Strains

T. Rawal* and S. Butani

Resistance to antibiotics has grown out to be serious health dilemma. Despite this serious health crisis, no new antibiotics have been revealed since last 30 y. A new ray of hope in the form..

Research Paper p. 701

Amelioration of Insulin, Leptin and Adiponectin Levels in Experimental Metabolic Syndrome Model by Some Drugs

N. M. Al-Rasheed, H. M. Abdelkarem, L.M. Fadda, A. M. Mohamed, N. M. Al-Rasheed, Y. Bassiouni, H. M. Ali* and A. H. Gafeer

A comparative study was planned to explore the modulating impact of metformin, lipitor or orlistat against the metabolic syndrome components, including hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia. Also..

Research Paper p. 708

Effect of Ultrasonic Stimulation on Mechanical Properties of Alginate Beads

P. He, X. Zhang, J. Zhang, Z. Ji, Y. Zhao, H. Xu, M. He, Z. Zhang, M. Zou, H. Chen, Y. Qiu, J. Yang and L. Zhang*

In the drug delivery systems using external ultrasonic stimulation to manipulate the drug release from carriers, the effect of the ultrasonic stimulation on drug carriers should be investiga..

Research Paper p. 715

Preparation and Characterization of Cross-Linked Chitosan Microcapsules for Controlled Delivery of Oxytetracycline

O. Larbi-Bouamrane, Y. Bal*, D. Aliouche, G. Cote and A. Chagnes

Formulations of encapsulated oxytetracycline in chitosan spherical beads have been developed in this work through the ionotropic gelation method in sodium tripolyphosphate or tripolyphosphat..

Research Paper p. 725

Tamarindus indica Bark Extract and its Bioactive Fraction Induce Apoptosis in HeLa and PA-1 Cells

R. Shirisha and K. N. Varalakshmi*

The aim of the current study was to evaluate the anticancer potential of tamarind bark and its bioactive fraction on HeLa and PA-1 cell lines. Tamarind bark extract was prepared with dichlor..