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Editor's Note 2019

Divakar Goli

Review Article p. 2

Analysis of the Qualities Matching New Classification of Clinical Pharmacist

F. U. Khan, N. Waqas, A. U. Ihsan, P. Khongorzul, J. Wazir, W. Gang, Y. Mengqi, L. Xiaoqian, L. Han and Zhou Xiaohui *

Clinical pharmacy, a lifesaving profession that was traditionally related to compounding and dispensing of medicine has now shifted to more patient-centered activities such as pharmaceutical..

Review Article p. 11

Liquid Crystals: An Approach in Drug Delivery

P. Rajak*, L. K. Nath and B. Bhuyan

Liquid crystal systems are attracting significant attention due to their unique microstructures and physicochemical properties. Liquid crystals are becoming the choicest system for R and D p..

Research Paper p. 22

Influence of Inclusion Complexation and Skin Microporation on Enhancement of Transdermal Permeation of Raloxifene Hydrochloride

Hetal P. Thakkar*, H. G. Savsani and P. K. Srivastava

The aim of the present investigation was to develop an inclusion complex-based hydrogel for transdermal delivery of raloxifene hydrochloride. Inclusion complexation was tried using two types..

Research Paper p. 32

Analysis of Intoxication Deaths: Causes and Manners of Death

M. Akhgari*, M. S. Kahfi and H. S. Akha

The aim of the present study was to provide an overview of deaths caused by drug poisoning or intoxication with other substances in Qom province, Iran from 2008 to 2012. The data on poisonin..

Research Paper p. 39

Comparison of UV Spectrophotometric and HPLC Method for Estimating Canagliflozin in Bulk and Tablet Dosage Form

D. Singh, Neena Bedi* and A. K. Tiwary

The aim of the present investigation was to develop, validate and compare a spectrophotometric and a high performance liquid chromatography method for estimating canagliflozin in bulk and ta..

Research Paper p. 45

Development and Validation of a Stability-indicating RP-HPLC Method Using Quality by Design for Estimating Captopril

K.Veerubhotla and R. B. Walker*

The applicability of a quality by design framework for the development of a sensitive, simple and selective, stability-indicating reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography analyt..

Research Paper p. 57

Photodegradation of Methylcobalamin and Its Determination in a Commercial Formulation

A. H. Chamle, N. L. J. Shane, A. Pai and B. S. Muddukrishna*

Methylcobalamin is a highly photolabile and unstable molecule and hence, studies regarding photodegradation of methylcobalamin were carried out. In order to investigate the stability studies..