Volume 62, Issue 4

Review Article p. 239

The Structure And Function Of Systemic Circulatory Lipoproteins And Their Influence On Drug Disposition And Pharmacological Activity

Kishor M Wasan, Manisha Ramaswamy, Ramaswamy Subramanian

Review Article p. 245

Electroporation : Application In Biology And Medicine

S. B Tiwari, D Shenoy, N Udupa

Research Paper p. 253

Physical Stability And Dissolution Rate of Ibuprofen Suspensions Formulated Employing Its Solid Dispersions

K. P. R Chowdary, L Srinivas

Research Paper p. 257

Preliminary Screening Of Imunocin For Immunomodulatory Activity

Vaishali Dikshit, A. S Damre, K. R Kulkarni, Anagha Gokhale, M. N Saraf

Research Paper p. 261

Extraction-Spectrophotometric Determination Of Certain-?-Lactam Antibiotics With Methylene Blue

B. B Prasad, S Gupta

Research Paper p. 267

Enhanced Suspension Stability : Choice Of Crystal Habit

A. K Tiwary, G. M Panpalia

Research Paper p. 273

Spectrophotometric Determination Of Some Phenothiazine Drugs In Pharmaceutical Preparations

Srinivasa K. C Murthy, J Seetharamappa

Research Paper p. 277

Phytochemical Investigation Of The Aerial Parts Of Tribulus Terestris Linn

M Ali, A Chaudhary, R Ramachandram

Research Paper p. 280

Molecular Shape Analysis Of Some Antiinflammatory Benzimidazole Derivatives

S. K Chakravarti, S. C Chaturvedi

Research Paper p. 287

Antiulcerogenic Activity Of Indigoferal Longeracemosa

D Thangadurai, M. B Viswanathan

Research Paper p. 291

Estimation Of Area Under The Curve (AUC) And Standard Deviation Of Estimated AUC When Using Destructive Measurement Technique : An Evaluation Of Available Methods

Shubha Rani, Harish Padh

Research Paper p. 296

Antimicrobial Investigation Of The Constituents Of The Methanol Extract Of The Rhizomes Of Anchomanes Difformis, ENGL

B. K. C Chukwurah, U Ajali

Short Communication p. 300

Diuretic And Antiinflammatory Activities Of Aerval Lanata In Rats

T Vetrichelvan, M Jegadeesan, Senthil M Palaniappan, N. P Murali, K Sasikumar

Short Communication p. 303

Biopharmaceutical Evaluation Of Oral Controlled Release Verapamil Hydrochloride Microcapsules

S Mallick, B. K Gupta, S. K Ghosal

Short Communication p. 306

Chemical Components Of Melia Azedarach Stems

P Suhag, M Rani, R Kumar, R Singh, S. B Kalidhar

Short Communication p. 308

Rosin, A Polymer For Microencapsulation Of Diltiazem Hydrochloride For Sustained Release By Emulsion - Solvent Evaporation Technique

M Narender Reddy, A. A Shirwaikar

Short Communication p. 311

Chemical Investigation Of The Bark Of Commiphora Africana (Burseraceae)

M. K Choudhury, E. C Johnson, A. S Agbaji

Research Paper p. 313

Release Rate Of Diclofenac Sodium From Different Polymers

V Prabhakar Reddy, A Suneeta

Short Communication p. 318

Determination Of Cefpodoxime Proxetil Using 1,10-phenanthroline

J. V. L. N Seshagiri Rao, M Ravi Prasada Rao, Y. S. N Reddy