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Effectiveness of Nursing-Led Pain Management on Analgesic Use after Orthopaedic Surgery

Author(s): Shenjia Zhou, Yinyuan Zheng, Jiane Wang and Yun Liu*
Department of Orthopaedics, 1Department of Radiology, 2Department of Nursing, The First Affiliated Hospital of Huzhou University, Huzhou 313000, China

Correspondence Address:
Yun Liu, Department of Orthopaedics, The First Affiliated Hospital of Huzhou University, Huzhou 313000, China, E-mail:

The objective of the present study is to investigate the effect of nursing-led pain management on patients undergoing orthopedic surgery using analgesics. A total of 102 patients undergoing orthopedic surgery at our hospital from January 2022-December 2022 were randomly partitioned as the control group (51 patients) received routine nursing and the observation group (51 patients) received pain management nursing. The numeric rating scale scores at regular intervals between 6-72 h post-surgery were compared between both the groups. Additionally, the scores of the self-rating depression scale, self-rating anxiety scale, and pittsburgh sleep quality index were compared 48 h after surgery. Postoperative analgesic satisfaction, length of stay, and incidence of adverse reactions were also compared between both the groups. The numeric rating scale scores of the observation group were significantly lower than those of the control group at all time points after surgery. Moreover, anxiety, depression, and sleep quality in the observation group were better than those in the control group. The analgesic satisfaction of the observation group was higher, and the average length of hospital stay was shorter compared to the control group. Furthermore, the incidence of adverse reactions was lower in the observation group. All differences were statistically significant (p<0.05). Implementing nursing-led pain management intervention for patients using analgesic drugs after orthopedic surgery can effectively alleviate pain, improve mood, enhance sleep quality, increase analgesic satisfaction, reduce adverse reactions to analgesic drugs, and promote rehabilitation. These findings can serve as a valuable reference for clinical practice.

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