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Influence of Nursing Effect on the Antiinflammatory Potential of Atorvastatin in Acute Cerebral Infarction

Author(s): Y. Xu, Yiying Wang 1 and J. Wang 2*
College of Medicine (School of Nursing), Chengdu University, Chengdu 610106, 1School of Basic Medicine Sciences, Chongqing Medical University, Chongqing 400016, 2Neurology Department, Chengdu Fifth People’s Hospital, Chengdu 610051, China

Correspondence Address:
Neurology Department, Chengdu Fifth People’s Hospital, Chengdu 610051, China, E-mail: [email protected]

The present study was aimed to observe the antiinflammatory and nursing effect of atorvastatin on acute cerebral infarction. About 180 patients with acute cerebral infarction who were treated in Chengdu Fifth People’s Hospital were selected as research subjects. They were divided into the control group (90 cases) and the research group (90 cases). The control group received conventional treatment while the research group received atorvastatin treatment. In addition, the research group received a comprehensive nursing intervention program, while the control group received only a routine nursing mode. The therapeutic effects and nursing effects of the 2 groups were compared. By comparing the serum lipid-related indices of the two groups, the patients in the research group were found to have a significant advantage over the control group. Through observing and comparing the levels of markers of immune inflammation, the improvement in serum TNF level, IL-6 and ICAM-1 concentrations in the research group was more significant, p<0.05. In addition, the comprehensive life quality evaluation score and FMA exercise ability score of the research group showed significant advantages, p<0.05. For patients with acute cerebral infarction, atorvastatin treatment can produce good antiinflammatory effect and the treatment effect can be significantly improved after adopting scientific nursing measures.

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