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Preliminary Study on the Healing Effect of PRF for Soft Tissue Defects in Oral Implants

Author(s): C. WANG AND X. MA*
Hebei Provincial Eye Hospital, Xingtai, Hebei 054001, China

Correspondence Address:
Hebei Provincial Eye Hospital, Xingtai, Hebei 054001, China, E-mail: [email protected]

Platelet-rich fibrin plays an increasingly active role in the repair of soft tissue defects in oral implants, but it still requires a long observation period, systematic description of platelet-rich fibrin to repair oral soft tissue defects in animal experiments to consolidate the theoretical basis. New Zealand rabbits were selected as experimental subjects. The rabbits were randomly divided into 3 groups, the platelet-rich fibrin group, the collagen membrane group and the blank control group. The middle part of the hard palate of each rabbit was separated from the maxillary posterior incisors and left and right hard palate. A circular full-thickness defect area with a diameter of 5 mm at 2 mm of the mucosal edge of soft tissue was prepared using a tissue ring-cutting drill. The groups were implanted with either a platelet-rich fibrin membrane or a collagen biofilm but the blank control group was not treated. The healing morphology, wound healing rate, inflammatory response, collagen formation and angiogenesis were observed. The healing effect of soft tissue defects in platelet-rich fibrin oral implants was studied.

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