Review Article p. 742

Engineered Nanocrystals for Poorly Soluble Drug Delivery: A Review

R. Pujitha*, S. Daisy Chellakumari, R. Devi Damayanthi, N. S. Aakash and A. M. Aswin Kumar

Biopharmaceutics classification system class II drugs contribute to 60-70 % of the drugs with low solubility and high permeability, which are problematic for the formulation of dosage form..

Review Article p. 755

Bioanalytical Methods for Adducing Pharmacokinetic Profiles of Antimalarial Drugs Used in Africa: A Review of Progress, Pitfalls and Ways Forward

S. D. Umoh*, K. F. Sichilongo, Gomotsang Bojase, I. B. Masesane and R. T. Majinda

Antimalarial drugs have been used over the years to control the impact of malaria infection. They sometimes suffer from inefficacy, suboptimal dose administration, and/or parasite resistan..

Review Article p. 772

Recent Trends and Future Prospects of Phytosomes: A Concise Review

Kalyani Sakure, Anjali Patel, Madhulika Pradhan and H. R. Badwaik*

Phytosome is a phospholipid based well-turned, self-assembled vesicular drug delivery system. It is an advanced form of herbal preparation that includes bioactive phytoconstituents of her..

Review Article p. 791

A Critical Review: Preparation and Characterization of Micellar Gel

Shivanajali Madane*, Bhaghyashri Parande, Smita More, Shashikant Dhole and Chaitali Dongaonkar

Micelles are loosely bound aggregation of several tens or hundreds of atoms, ions or molecules, forming a colloidal particle. Micelles can either passively or actively target their payloa..

Review Article p. 805

A Review on Antidiabetic Potential of Plant Flavonoids in Acanthaceae Family Edible Plants of West Bengal

B. Das and P. Saha*

Diabetes mellitus is a serious global health problem characterised by hyperglycemia due to an absolute or relative deficiency of insulin or insulin resistance. The antidiabetic potential ..

Research Paper p. 818

Effect of Plantamajoside on Malignant Behaviors of MHCC97H Cells by Mediating microRNA-3178 Expression

Xinghua Zhao, Xizhen Li and Mingyu Yang*

The objective of this study is to explore the effect of plantamajoside on malignant properties of MHCC97H cells and its possible mediating molecular mechanisms. Effects of high, median, a..

Research Paper p. 825

Radix Ranunculus ternatus Saponins Inhibits Malignant Behavior in Sarcoma Osteogenic-2 Osteosarcoma Cells Through microRNA-1305 Upregulation

Xiaobin Lin*, Jianxin Huang, Hui Ye and Xiaocong Lin

To investigate the effects of radix Ranunculus ternatus saponins on sarcoma osteogenic-2 cell malignancy and its possible mechanism. Sarcoma osteogenic-2 cells were treated with different do..

Research Paper p. 832

Quantification of Total Phenolics, Flavonoids and Evaluation of In Vitro Antioxidant Potential of Ipomoea hederifolia Linn

I. S. Suchiang*, S. V. Devi, Lalramhlu Zuala and L. Shantabi

The present study investigated the phytochemical, total phenolic, flavonoid content and in vitro antioxidant of the methanolic extract of the leaf of Ipomoea hederifolia Linn. In vitro antio..