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Review Article p. 981

Challenges and Prospective Solutions in Non-classical Herbal Formulations: A Review

Lingarkar Silpavathi*, M. K. Das and Debajyoti Das

Non-classical herbal formulations have gained momentum in the recent past. These formulations, however, have not been well integrated with the modern system of medicine in most of the countr..

Review Article p. 988

Naringin: Biosynthesis and Pharmaceutical Applications

Priya Sharma, V. Kumar and P. Guleria*

Naringin is a plant flavonoid of huge medicinal importance. It is synthesized by the phenylpropanoid pathway via seven enzyme catalysed steps from phenylalanine to prunin. The genes encoding..

Research Paper p. 1000

Nicotine Protects Dendritic Cells from Apoptosis and Support DCs-dependent CD4+ T-cell Priming in vitro

X. Tao *, Hong Li , Yingru Xing, Fei Liu, Yuting Hu, Huihui Tao, Min Mu, G. Pang and R. Zhang

Dendritic cells are antigen-presenting cells that act as messengers between the innate and adaptive immune systems. Their major function is to process foreign material and present it to CD4+..

Research Paper p. 1011

Development and Characterization of a Phospholipid Complex for Effective Delivery of Capsaicin

R. Mondal, Y. Bobde, B. Ghosh and T. K. Giri*

Capsaicin is responsible for the chili’s pungent flavor and is used to suppress different types of cancer cells. However, capsaicin causes gastrointestinal irritation and shows poor aq..

Research Paper p. 1020

Nuclear Role of LOX-1 in XinMaiJia-attenuating Atherosclerosis in Rabbits

R. L. Sun, T. T. Zhu, M. L. Zhu, P. Song, J. Xu, Y. L. Yin* and P. Li*

This study aimed to explore the nuclear role of lectin-like oxidised low density lipoprotein receptor-1 in atherosclerotic rabbits treated with XinMaiJia to further confirm that low density ..

Research Paper p. 1029

Modulation of NOX4 and MAPK Signaling Pathways by Parkia speciosa Empty Pods in H9c2 Cardiomyocytes Exposed to H2O2

J. S. Gui, N. H. Mustafa, J. Jalil, Z. Jubri and Y. Kamisah*

Parkia speciosa, a plant that grows abundantly in Southeast Asia region, has been reported to exhibit antioxidant property. This study aimed to investigate the mechanism of antioxidant effec..

Research Paper p. 1036

Biosynthesis of Silver Nanoparticles using Annona squamosa Leaf Extract with Synergistic Antibacterial Activity

R. Lakshmi Kalyani, V. S. Chandra, P. P. N. Vijaykumar, S. V. N. Pammi, M. Rajkumar, P. V. Swamy* and K. V. R. Murthy*

In the era of increased prevalence of bacterial resistance and outbreak of resistant infectious diseases, it is essential to develop effective therapeutic strategies towards multi-drug resis..

Research Paper p. 1045

TCF4/beta-Catenin Complex Activates Smo and Gli1 to Promote Migration and Proliferation of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cells

R. Feng, J. Haitao, Su Hui, W. Wang And Y. Chen*

Hepatocelluar carcinoma severely affects patients because of high incidence of cancer-mediated deaths. Wnt and hedgehog signaling pathways have been known to be associated with hepatocelluar..