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2024: Emerging Therapeutic Interventions of Biopharmaceutical Sciences

Research Paper p. 1

Protocadherin Beta 2 as a Promising Prognostic and Immunotherapeutic Predictive Indicator in Gastric Cancer

Author(s): X. Liu, Yuzhu Tang, H. Luo, J. Fan, Tian Li, H. Li and Z. Fan*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.896

Research Paper p. 16

Impact of Butein on Apoptosis, Migration, Invasion, and Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transitions of HT-29 Human Colon Cancer Cells

Author(s): Q. Yang, X. Shi, Xiaoying Wang, Donglin Zhao, J. Fan, Tian Li, C. Fan and S. Ning*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.897

Research Paper p. 25

Protective Effect of Pyrroloquinoline Quinone on Diabetic Cardiomyopathy in C57BL/6 Mice

Author(s): Xuru Xia, Binbin Gu, Sudan Shen, Qinxi Wang, Zemi Xie, Yuejin Wu, Jie Wu, Yin Wang and Yi Wang*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.898

Research Paper p. 33

Bioinformatics Analysis of the Role of I Kappa B Kinase Interacting Protein in the Progression and Immunity of Lower-Grade Glioma in the Brain

Author(s): Jing Fan, Ying Hong Hu and Reng Ren*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.899

Short Communication p. 39

Mendelian Randomization Integrating GWAS, eQTL and mQTL Data to Identify Pleiotropic Genes and DNA Methylation Loci Associated with Insomnia

Author(s): Cancong Shen, Lei Zhang and Maiqiu Wang*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.900

Research Paper p. 45

Cinobufagin Reverse the Cisplatin Resistance in Cell Line SGC7901-DDP in Treatment of Gastric Cancer

Author(s): Hongyan Zhao*, Yang Wu, Ye Wang, Xin Liu, Jiwu Han, Dali Zhao, Yarong Xi, Tingting Song, Daxiu Wang and Lei Liu

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.901

Research Paper p. 54

The Role of Signaling Interactions between Liver Sinusoidal Endothelial Cell and Kupffer Cell in Cirrhosis based on scRNA-Seq Analysis and CellChat Algorithm

Author(s): Huilin Zheng*, Detong Liu, Siyao Zhang and Lei Zhang

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.902

Short Communication p. 67

Evaluation of the Real-World Effectiveness of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Treating Coronavirus Disease-2019

Author(s): Yajie Liu, Rumei Xiang, Jinliang Yang, Jiaheng Shi, Yaoyue Hu, Lianguo Ruan, Tao Bai, Jiaqi Chai, Xinghua Xiang, Mimi Xiao, Jingyu Zhang, Wei Xu, Hui Zhao, Jie Liu, Yang Yang and Qiuling Shi*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.903

Research Paper p. 73

Establishment of Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay for Sibutramine

Author(s): Ning Lu, Huimin Zhang, Yu Wang, Dejie Ding, Xiaolu Wang, Xianping Xiong, Yufen Mai, Rongmei Li, Jie Li, Hongtao Lei* and Jiahong Chen

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.904

Research Paper p. 81

Anti-Apoptotic Effect of microRNA-22-3p Down-Regulation on Podocytes in High Glucose Conditions

Author(s): Gaoyuan Wang, Zhongtang Li, Zhaoting Li, Pingping Ju and Chunbo Zou*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.905

Research Paper p. 91

Effects of Compound Danshen Dripping Pills in the Treatment of Angina Pectoris in Coronary Heart Disease: A Meta-Analysis

Author(s): Y. K. Zhao, X. D. Hao, Yuan Gao, Yumo Zhao, Dongmei Wan, Qian Xu, W. J. Zhai, Jing Gao and Limei Deng*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.906

Research Paper p. 101

Correlation between Methylation and Expression of Kallikrein Related Peptidase 12 Gene in Breast Cancer

Author(s): Li Na and Z. Kai*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.907

Review Article p. 108

Advances in the Pathogenesis of Oral Submucosal Fibrosis and Animal Models

Author(s): Wen Luo, Jie Mei, Kaiyue Zheng, Huifang Kuang, Qiya Fu, Chao Yang, Xi Xie and Hai Bin Luo*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.908

Research Paper p. 115

Analysis of the Efficacy of Curcumin and Alcohol-Containing Mouthwashes in the Treatment of Chronic Periodontal Disease

Author(s): Yuping Zhang, Chunli Tang, Liuping Lan and Xuejing Pang*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.909

Research Paper p. 122

Evidence-Based Approach to Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension Treatment Using Magnesium Sulfate and Nifedipine

Author(s): Fei Liu and Yang Xing*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.910

Research Paper p. 128

Efficacy and Safety Analysis of Salmeterol/Fluticasone Propionate with Tiotropium Bromide for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Author(s): Zili Zhang*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.911

Research Paper p. 134

Clinical Efficacy of Nimodipine in the Treatment of Patients with Hypertensive Cerebral Hemorrhage and its Impact on Neurological Function

Author(s): D. J. Chen, H. Li and F. F. Jiang*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.912

Research Paper p. 141

Study on the Mechanism of Jianpi Shenshi Jiangzhuo Formula in the Treatment of Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis Based on Network Pharmacology and Molecular Docking

Author(s): Shu Li, Hualu Fu, Huocheng Ye, Yanping Lu, Lu Wang, Huiji Chen, Hongxuan Chen, Qianqian Liu, Weihong Kuang and Jingbao Hu*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.913

Research Paper p. 152

Exploring the Mechanism of Action of Yangxin Dingji Decoction in the Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation Based on Network Pharmacology

Author(s): Shaochun Lu and Lizhi Zhao*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.914

Research Paper p. 163

Protective Effect and Mechanism of Baicalin on Rat Hippocampal Neuronal Cells

Author(s): Liangyu Cai, Chenhao Jiang, R. H. Li, Hongmei Zhou, Shajin Liu, Jingge Wang and Jiannan Zhang*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.915

Research Paper p. 171

Therapeutic Role of Edaravone Dexborneol Injection in Acute Ischemic Stroke and its Influence on Nerve Function

Author(s): Donghua Li*, Hailong Li and Chen Song

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.916

Research Paper p. 178

Clinical Effectiveness and Safety of Olprinone Combined with Qiliqiangxin Capsule for Severe Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension and Right Heart Failure

Author(s): J. Chen, Na Xu, Xuejing Xu and L. Chen*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.917

Research Paper p. 186

Effect of Valsartan in Essential Hypertension and its Impact on Renal Function and Blood Lipid Levels

Author(s): G. D. He* and H.J. Lv

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.918

Research Paper p. 192

Efficacy of Oxaliplatin, Fluorouracil and Calcium Folinate in Advanced Primary Liver Cancer

Author(s): Minyan Fu, K. W. He, Hongxia Xu, Cui Guo, Huan Liu and Huiping Li*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.919

Research Paper p. 199

Analysis on Effectiveness, Safety and Blood Lipid Levels of Atorvastatin Calcium with Ezetimibe in Coronary Heart Disease

Author(s): Jiangbo Yu, D. L. Zhu, Xiaoli Wang, Z. J. An and J. Y. Zhao

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.920

Research Paper p. 205

Effect of Modified Tongyou Decoction Combined with Epirubicin, Cisplatin and Fluorouracil Chemotherapy for Advanced Gastric Cancer

Author(s): Haibin Ni, Jing Zhang, Qiang Hu, Liping Shen, Yihui Niu, Shuyuan Yao and Yingying Wu*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.921

Research Paper p. 212

An Observational Study of Clinical Efficacy of Travoprost and Timolol Eye Drops for Senile Glaucoma

Author(s): Shanshan Fan*, Huijing Bao, P. Qi and Tong Ge

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.922

Research Paper p. 219

Synthesis of Uniform Zinc Peroxide Nanoparticles for Antibacterial Application

Author(s): Ying Xiong, Song Shen and Z. Yi*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.923

Research Paper p. 226

Comparative Study on the Effect of Sipayi Gingival Solution and Tinidazole Tablets for Treating Chronic Periodontitis and its Impact on Periodontal Index

Author(s): Fei Sun, P. Wang, Jiaqin Wang and Yuehua Zhou*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.924

Research Paper p. 232

Clinical Observation of Ceftriaxone Sodium and Xiaoyan Lidan Tablets in the Treatment of Acute Cholecystitis

Author(s): Xiaoya Niu, Lei Feng, Qihui Zeng, Fan Luo and Zhen You*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.925

Short Communication p. 239

Clinical Efficacy of Ertong Qingyan Oral Solution in the Treatment of Herpes in Children

Author(s): Xiaoyu Wang and Yan Yuan*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.926

Research Paper p. 245

Investigating the Effectiveness of Combined Tofacitinib and Cyclophosphamide Therapy in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Author(s): Shuyao Li and Tong Guan*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.927

Research Paper p. 254

Outcomes of Irbesartan Hydrochlorothiazide Combined with Recombinant Human Brain Natriuretic Peptide on Cardiac Function, Immune Function and Intestinal Flora in Acute Heart Failure

Author(s): Le Wang, Li Feng and Zhenxing Wang*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.928

Short Communication p. 263

Observation on the Therapeutic Effect of Vincamine Sustained-Release Capsules on Vestibular Vertigo

Author(s): Jinxiu Ma, Zheng Zhang, Qian Lu and S. Sun*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.929

Research Paper p. 268

Efficacy of Edaravone Dexborneol in Conjunction with Aspirin in Managing Acute Ischemic Stroke

Author(s): Ming Lu and Xinglong Zhang*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.930

Research Paper p. 274

Efficacy of Beifuxin in Management of Surgically Difficult to Heal Wounds

Author(s): Yu Zhang, Yan Jin and Hongqiang Zhang*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.931

Research Paper p. 280

Study and Analysis of the Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Medications in Elderly with Chronic Diseases

Author(s): Ping Zhang*, Ya Wang and Yao Xie

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.932

Research Paper p. 287

Validation of Protective Effect of Shenqi Compound on Aging-Related Diabetic Nephropathy: Evidence from Network Pharmacology and Experimental Exploration for MPC5 Cell Line

Author(s): Xiaoxiao Chen, Shiyun Tang, Li Song, Dehui Yin, Ye Zhu, Yingqi Chen and Songqi Tang*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.933

Research Paper p. 303

Effectiveness of Nicorandil with Trimetazidine with Coronary Heart Disease-Induced Chronic Heart Failure and Its Influence on Cardiac Function in Elderly

Author(s): Lei Wang, Wenqian Wang, Jinjin Zhang*, Zhikun Zhao and Shasha Wang

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.934

Review Article p. 310

Study on the Mechanism of Chinese Medicine in Treating Cervical Spondylosis

Author(s): Jiayi Liu, Tong Liu, Xin Qian, Dongyang Ma, Lili Chen, Ailin Li, Xurong Liang, Zhe Hu, Chenxi Qi and Wei Qi*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.935

Review Article p. 319

Progress in Studying the Mechanism of Traditional Chinese Medicine for Treating Functional Dyspepsia

Author(s): Tong Liu, Jiayi Liu, Lili Chen, Ruirui Tan, Xurong Liang, Ailin Li, Chenxi Qi and Zhaohui Wang*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.936

Research Paper p. 332

Effectiveness of Rituximab in Conjunction with Cyclosporine in Managing Refractory Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia

Author(s): Xiangjun Fu, Can Meng, Li Guo and Lie Lin*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.937

Short Communication p. 337

Effectiveness of Hydroxychloroquine in Conjunction with Azithromycin in Managing Rosacea

Author(s): Yilin Du, Shangke Liu, Chunyu Huang, Keyun Wang, Haixia Kuang, Ao Zhang, Yangling Yang and Xinyu Lin*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.938

Research Paper p. 342

Effectiveness and Safety of Lacosamide in Managing Pediatric Individuals with Focal Seizures

Author(s): Zhijian Fu, Di Sun, Chunyi Xia*, Zhipeng Tang, Xin Li, Honglei Wang, Jin Cui and Zhihong Zhang

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.939

Research Paper p. 347

Effects of Tislelizumab Injection in Conjunction with Albumin-Bound Paclitaxel and Carboplatin in Individuals with Advanced NSCLC

Author(s): Shubei Chen, Liping He, Jin He, Gang Li, Congyi Wang and Changxi Zhang*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.940

Research Paper p. 353

Prognostic Assessment of Sodium Iodide Oral Solution in the Treatment of Hyperthyroidism

Author(s): Yihang Li, Gaohong Zhu, Yaqin Yang and Hongmin Liang*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.941

Research Paper p. 363

Cytokine-Induced Apoptosis Inhibitor 1 Protects Against Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Myocardial Injury by Suppressing SIRT1-Dependent NLRP3 Inflammasome Activation

Author(s): Lin Chen, Jianwei Wan, Cuihong Wang and Nongzhang Xu*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.942

Research Paper p. 372

Intestinal and Respiratory Microbiome Changes in Preterm Infants with Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Author(s): Xuezhi Liu and Hong Li*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.943

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