Review Article p. 1

Nebulizers: Scope and Application in Pulmonary Drug Delivery System

Rajashree Hirlekar*, Prachitee Ayare, Manali Kadam and Sonar Dhawal

Pulmonary drug delivery system is one of the most intriguing and beneficial route for drug delivery as it offers several advantages over the conventional oral route of administration. Man..

Review Article p. 9

Effects of Probiotics, Paraprobiotics and Postbiotics against Food Borne Pathogens: A Review

Ragavi Baskar, Vishnupriya Subramaniyan, Reshma Nambiar, A. B. Perumal, Priscilla Mercy Anitha, Ida Idayu Muhamad and P. S. Sellamuthu*

Food borne pathogens (bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi or their mycotoxins) are the major cause of substantial number of diseases with an important impact on human well-being and econo..

Review Article p. 19

Dynamic Bioactive Potentials of Endophytes Inherent to Aegle marmelos: A Review

Preeti Saini*

Endophytes, which live asymptomatically within the healthy tissues of the host plant, have attracted researchers due to their massive bioactive potential. Some co-existing endophytes and t..

Review Article p. 32

Improving In Vitro Performance of Roflumilast by Polymeric Carrier Systems

M. Idrees, A. Afzal, M. Sarfraz*, M. Farooq, N. Koser, R. Kulsoom and R. Kausar

Roflumilast, a selective phosphodiesterase 4 inhibitor, was approved by the European Medicines Agency Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use in 2010 for the treatment of severe ch..

Research Paper p. 45

In Silico Analysis of Siddha Formulation Thippili Rasayanam Against COVID-19 in Inhibition of Ribonucleic Acid-Dependent Ribonucleic Acid Polymerase Target Enzyme

S. M. Chitra

The pandemic of coronavirus disease-19 involved various traditional medical formulations as therapeutics for treatment along with boosting the immunity to overcome the crisis. Thippili rasay..

Research Paper p. 54

Assesment of Wound Dressing Properties of Medicinal Plants: The Case of Hypericum perforatum From Turkey

I. Demirhan*

This study was aimed to investigate the performance of the extracted Hypericum Perforatum wound dressings produced by three different fabrication techniques. The effect of electrospinning, t..

Research Paper p. 64

Cationic Hyaluronic Acid-Modified Cyclosporin Micelles Used for Ocular Drug Delivery

Y. N. Wang, R. Yan, Q. H. Wang, Z. H. Wu, H. Zhang and L. Gan*

At present, the drugs used to treat dry eye are mainly ocular topical drugs, with only 5 % of the drugs are absorbed, which on the market have adverse reactions, such as eye pain, eye burns,..

Research Paper p. 75

Amelioration of Postmenopausal Complications by Total Flavonoid Fraction and Hydroalcoholic Extract of Dried Fruit of Phoenix dactylifera in 4-Vinylcyclohexene Diepoxide Induced Ovotoxicity in Rats

Sonali Kulasari, S. Setya, Shradha Bisht, Mamta Singh*, P. Verma and Swati Dobhal

The fruit of Phoenix dactylifera has high nutritional value, possess several health benefits and used as traditional medicine in treating diverse ailments. The present study evaluates the ef..