Review Article p. 381

An Overview of Highly Efficient Prodrug Strategies In Design, Development, Bioactive Pathway and Recent Therapeutic Applications

G. Chandravadivelu* and D. D. Magharla

A prodrug is a chemically inert drug precursor, which upon biotransformation liberates the pharmacologically active parent compound. It is also called proagent, latentiated drug, bio reve..

Review Article p. 392

Nanosponge-An Emerging Nanomaterial in Recent Advancement of Novel Drug Delivery: An Overview and Future Perspectives

S. Nandi* and Poulomi Biswas

Nanosponge can be considered as an effective carrier among all the novel drug delivery systems based on nanotechnology. It is a newer class of nanoparticulate system having 3-dimensional ..

Review Article p. 407

Review on the Pharmacognostical, Phytochemical and Pharmacological aspects of Tabernaemontana coronaria

Kirubavathi Sekar*, R. Vijaya Bharathi, S. R. Ajai Franco and R. Radha

Tabernaemontana coronaria is an ornamental, evergreen, dichotomously branched shrub or small tree with large, shiny dark green leaves and white coloured flowers, pinwheel arrangement of ..

Review Article p. 420

Sodium Glucose Cotransporter-2 Inhibitors: An Overview from Evolution to Clinical Implications

Ramya Ravi, V. Balasubramaniam, S. Dhingra, K. Murti and S. Ponnusankar*

The rise in comorbid conditions with type 2 diabetes requires novel drug targets which benefits not only in glycaemic management but provide beneficial effects to other co-existing condit..

Review Article p. 433

Perspective on Solid Lipid Nanoparticles as Drug Delivery System for Infectious Diseases

Prachitee Ayare*, Apurva Bakre and Rajashree Hirlkear

Over the years, infectious diseases have significantly contributed to the mortality and morbidity rates in the healthcare system. Conventional treatments have been used for many years to tre..

Research Paper p. 442

Calycosin Inhibits Pancreatic Cancer Cell Proliferation, Migration and Invasion by Repressing Circ_0000285

Ruibing Ma, Xiaoping Yu and Kun Cheng*

Recent studies have shown that calycosin possess multiple pharmacological properties, containing anti-cancer activity. Hence, this project explored the effect and possible mechanism of calyc..

Research Paper p. 448

Houttuyn Berberine Promotes Apoptosis of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Cells and Inhibits Proliferation, Migration and Invasion by Regulating the circ-SMARCA5/microRNA-346 pathway

Dongbao Yang, Xiaodong Wen, Jing Xiao, Hong Qin, Jie Hou, Yujie Li, Xiaojun Liang and Fuyu Qiao*

To explore the effect of houttuyn berberine on the biological behavior of nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells by regulating circ-SMARCA5/microRNA-346 pathway. Nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells C666-..

Research Paper p. 458

Pharmacognostic and Physicochemical Studies of Aerva sanguinolenta (L) Blume

K. Manda, A. B. Kasetti, R. J. R. Yendluri , Risy Namratha Jamullamudi, Saritha Karnati, B. P. Arakareddy and Netala Silvia*

Aerva sanguinolenta (L) Blume is a traditional medicinal plant possessing many medicinal values. In folklore medication, the plant was used as wound healing and anti-inflammatory agent. The ..