Volume 57, Issue 2

Research Paper p. 45

Studies On Diorganoselenium Compounds And Their Tellurium Analogs As Potential Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitors

Y. D Kulkarni, P. K Seth, S Srivastava

Research Paper p. 49

Synthesis And Biological Activities Of Some 2-Aryloxymethyl-4-(2Hydroxyphenyl)-1,5-Benzodiazepines

Mukhtar Hussain Khan, Qudsia Bano

Research Paper p. 56

Characterization Of Ibuprofen Loaded Microcapsules Prepared By Ionotropic Gelation

A. P Kakkar

Research Paper p. 61

An Improved Method For Separation Of Diltiazem And Related Substances By HPLC

M. K Sastry, P. K Chakrabarti, R. K Nanda, S. R Naik

Research Paper p. 66

Simultaneous Determination Of Amitrptyline Hydrochloride And Chlordiazepoxide From Tablets By HPTLC

V. M Shinde, N. M Tendolkar, B. S Desai

Research Paper p. 68

Rapid Spectrophotometric Determination Of Some Phenothiazine Drugs With 1, 2-Naphthaquinone-4-Sulphonic Acid

P Nagaraja, J Seetharamappa

Research Paper p. 71

Prolonged Release Of Rifampicin From Internal Phase Of Multiple W/O/W Emulsion Systems

Sushama Nakhare, S. P Vyas

Research Paper p. 78

Effect Of Combinations Of Glucose And Sodium On Absorption In Isolated Rat Intestinal Loops

C. R Barot, A. M Nair, C. P Tamhankar, V. B Sovani, M. N Saraf

Research Paper p. 82

Analysis Of Nitrazepam In Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms By Differential Pulse Polarography

C Suresh Reddy, C Sridevi, S Jayarama Reddy

Research Paper p. 85

Extractive Spectrophotometric Determination Of Pentazocine, Orphenadrine And Doxepin Hydrochloride

H. D Revanasiddappa, P. G Ramappa

Short Communication p. 88

Development Of Stable Formulation Of Picroliv, A New Hepatoprotective Agent

A. K Dwivedi, D Kulkarni, S Singh