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Volume 59, Issue 5

Commentary p. 205

Design Of New Chemical Entities As Therapeutic Agents

V. M Kulkarni

Review Article p. 215

Gene Therapy In Hypertension

Rajeshri G Karki, Anita A Mehta, R. K Goyal

Research Paper p. 220

Studies On Tablets Of Sulphamethoxazole Using Chitosan

R Ilango, S Kavimani, Josephine Premila, Deepa K Nair, B Jayakar

Research Paper p. 225

Studies On Shankha Bhasma - III Studies On Micromeritic And Compressional Properties Of Shankha Bhasma Granules

Bhagyashree Divekar, Swati Gadekar, H. M Kadam, A. R Paradkar

Research Paper p. 230

Spectrophotometric Determination Of Silymarin

A Rajasekaran, M Kumar, G Krishnamoorthy, B Jayakar

Research Paper p. 232

In-Vitro Studies On Buccal Strips Of Glibenclamide Using Chitosan

R Ilango, S Kavimani, A. R Mullaicharam, B Jayakar

Research Paper p. 236

Synthesis And Antimicrobial Activities of 1,2-Disubstituted-4-[(Benzimidazole-2-yl) Methylene] Imidazolin-5 (4H) - Ones

G. V. S Rama Sarma, V Malla Reddy

Research Paper p. 240

CNS Activity Of Petroleum Ether Extract Of Vitex Negundo Linn In Mice

Malaya Gupta, U. K Mazumder, Sima Rani Bhawal, S. M. K Swamy

Research Paper p. 246

Implantable Drug Delivery Systems For Centchroman

B. D Shenoy, N Udupa, Nagarajkumari

Research Paper p. 251

Betulonic Acid And Moronic Acid From The Stem Bark Of Evodia Meliafolia Benth

E Venkata Rao, V. S. V Vadlamudi Rao, P Sridhar

Short Communication p. 254

Studies On Shankha Bhasma - I Antacid Activity Evaluation Of Shankha Bhasma

Aphale Richa, H. M Kadam, S. S Kadam, A. R Paradkar

Short Communication p. 257

Studies On Shankha Bhasma - II Comparison Of Antacid Activity Of Marketed Shankha Bhasma With Chewable Antacid Tablet

Shubhangi Bagade, H. M Kadam, S.S Kadam, A. R Paradkar

Short Communication p. 259

Studies On Protective Properties Of Garlic Oil Against Acetaminophen - Induced Hepatotoxicity In The Rat

S Singh, S Puri, H. M Dani, R Sharma

Short Communication p. 263

Cytotoxicity Of The Essential Oils Of Cymbopogon Citratus And Ocimum Gratissimum

N. K Dubey, N Kishore, Jaya Varma, Sook Young Lee

Short Communication p. 265

Simultaneous Spectrophotometric Estimation Of Ciprofloxacin And Tinidazole From A Combined Dosage Form

M. V Bombale, S. S Kadam, S. R Dhaneshwar

Short Communication p. 268

Determination Of Vitamin C Content Of Phyllanthus Emblica And Chyavanprash

C. J Shishoo, S. A Shah, I. S Rathod, S. G Patel

Short Communication p. 271

Acetylcholine Antagonistic Action Of Aqueous Extract Of Orthosiphon Thymiflorus

S Kavimani, R Ilango, J Gurubatham, B Jayakar, U. K Majumdar, Malaya Gupta

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