Volume 74, Issue 1

Review Article p. 1

Homology modeling a fast tool for drug discovery: Current perspectives

VK Vyas, RD Ukawala, M Ghate, C Chintha

Research Paper p. 18

Estimation of amlodipine besylate, valsartan and hydrochlorothiazide in bulk mixture and tablet by UV spectrophotometry

Varsha R Galande, KG Baheti, S Indraksha, MH Dehghan

Research Paper p. 24

Qualitative and quantitative assessment of four marketed formulations of Brahmi

Neeti Saini, Rajani Mathur, SS Agrawal

Research Paper p. 29

In vitro antimicrobial activity and phytochemical screening of clematis species indigenous to Ethiopia

S Hawaze, H Deti, S Suleman

Research Paper p. 36

Development and validation of HPTLC method for estimation of tenoxicam and its formulations

S Chandel, CR Barhate, AR Srivastava, SR Kulkarni, CJ Kapadia

Research Paper p. 41

QSAR analysis of benzophenone derivatives as antimalarial agents

Supriya Mahajan, Vijayalaxmi Kamath, Sonali Nayak, Shalaka Vaidya

Research Paper p. 48

Gastroprotective effect of Oxalis corniculata (whole plant) on experimentally induced gastric ulceration in Wistar rats

SS Sakat, Preeti Tupe, Archana Juvekar

Research Paper p. 54

Synthesis, Structure and Antioxidant Activity of (TetraO-acetyl-?-D-galactopyranosyl)thiosemicarbazones of Substituted Benzaldehydes

Nguyen D Thanh, Le T Hoai

Research Paper p. 63

Assessment of drug-drug interactions among renal failure patients of nephrology ward in a south Indian tertiary care hospital

Mylapuram Rama, Gayathri Viswanathan, Leelavathi D Acharya, RP Attur, PN Reddy, SV Raghavan

Short Communication p. 69

Asymmetric membrane osmotic capsules for terbutaline sulphate

NG Gobade, Marina Koland, KH Harish

Short Communication p. 72

Development and validation of an HPLC method for Karanjin in Pongamia pinnata linn. leaves

S Katekhaye, MS Kale, KS Laddha

Short Communication p. 75

Prevalence of potential drug interactions in an Iranian general hospital

G Sepehri, P Khazaelli, F Arabpour Dahooie, E Sepehri, MR Dehghani

Short Communication p. 80

Microbiological evaluation of 4-substituted-imidazolidine derivatives

M. S. Y Khan, A Husain, S Sharma, M Rashid

Short Communication p. 83

Quantization of dextromethorphan and levocetirizine in combined dosage form using a novel validated RP-HPLC method

Shalini Joshi, C Bhatia, CS Bal, M. S. M Rawat

Short Communication p. 86

FTIR spectroscopy: A tool for quantitative analysis of ciprofloxacin in tablets

S Pandey, P Pandey, G Tiwari, R Tiwari, AK Rai