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Volume 65, Issue 2

Review Article p. 101

Camptothecine - A Novel Anticancer Agent From Tissue Cultures Of Nothapodytes Foetida

Sundravelan, R.B Desireddy, Veeresham Ciddi

Review Article p. 106

Site Specific Delivery Systems For The Treatment Of Periodontitis

Samina Rahman, Alka Ahuja, J Ali, R.K Khar

Research Paper p. 113

Development And Characterization Of Engineered Commensal Bacteria For The Delivery Of Enzymes

Nitin K Jain, M.K Chourasia, S Jain, S.K Jain, N.K Jain

Research Paper p. 122

Cardioprotective Action Of BN50739 In Myocardial Ischaemia-Reperfusion Injury In Rats

D Dhingra, Manjeet Singh

Research Paper p. 128

Synthesis And Pharmacological Evaluation Of Some Potent Naphtho (2,1-b) Furo-Pyrazolyl, Oxadiazolyl And Coumaryl Derivatives

K.M Mahadevan, V.P Vaidya

Research Paper p. 135

Synthesis And Antiinflammatory Activity Of Aryl Sulphonanilides Structurally Related To Nimesulide

Vinayata Attal, D.P Belsare

Research Paper p. 139

Amphiphilic Copolymeric Micelles For Delivery Of Nimesulide : Preparation, Optimization And Characterization

Sulekha Bhadra, D Bhadra, G.P Agrawal

Research Paper p. 146

Effect Of Physical Cross-Linking On In Vitro And Ex Vivo Permeation Of Indomethacin From Polyvinyl Alcohol Ocular Inserts

J.K Pandit, S.L Harikumar, D.N Mishra, J Balasubramaniam

Research Paper p. 152

Protransfersomes For Effective Transdermal Delivery Of Norgestrel Preparation And In Vitro Characterization

S Jain, R Sapre, R.B Umamaheswari, N.K Jain

Research Paper p. 161

Application Of Precipitation And Complexation Reactions For The Analysis Of Propranolol Hydrochloride

K Basavaiah, U Chandrashekar, V.S Charan

Research Paper p. 167

Simultaneous Spectrophotometric Determination Of Losartan Potassium And Hydrochlorothiazide In Tablets

M.B Shankar, F.A Mehta, K.K Bhatt, R.S Mehta, M Geetha

Research Paper p. 171

Effect Of Norgestrel On Blood-Lipid Constituents In Relation To Its Biological Activity

A Saha, K Roy, Kakali De, Chandana Sengupta

Research Paper p. 176

Microspheres As Oral Delivery System For Insulin

K Gowthamarajan, T Giriraj Kulkarni, D Senthil Rajan, B Suresh

Research Paper p. 180

Study Of Ocimum Basilicum And Plantago Ovata As Disintegrants In The Formulation Of Dispersible Tablets

K Srinivas, K Prakash, H.R Kiran, P.M Prasad, M.E.B Rao

Short Communication p. 184

Spectrophotometric Methods For The Estimation Of Ethamsylate In Tablets

B.S Kuchekar, V.S Randive, A.P Chaudhari, S.B Bhise

Short Communication p. 186

Antibacterial Activity Of Aerial Part Extracts Of Achyranthes Bidentata Blume

B.R Balakrishnan, B Sangameswaran, B Arul, V.H Bhaskar

Short Communication p. 188

Microwave Assisted Synthesis And Antimicrobial Screening Of 2-Aryl-5H-3-(3',5'-Dichioro-2-Benzo(b)Thiophenoylamino)-4-Thiazolidinones

K.M Thaker, S.L Vasoya, K.S Nimavat, H.S Joshi

Short Communication p. 193

Spectrophotometric Estimation Of Ambroxol Hydrochloride In Tablets

B.S Kuchekar, G.S Shinde, I.T Naikawadi, K.J Todkar, S.V Kharade

Short Communication p. 195

Antimicrobial Activity Of Dioscorea Bulbifera Bulbils

Y.N Seetharam, G Jyothishwaran, H Sujeeth, A Barad, G Sharanabasappa, D Shivkumar

Short Communication p. 197

Optimizing Fast Dissolving Dosage From Of Diclofenac Sodium By Rapidly Disintegrating Agents

V Shenoy, S Agrawal, S Pandey

Short Communication p. 201

Immunostimulant Activity Of Kalayak Ghrita

S.V Fulzele, P.M Satturwar, S.B Joshi, A.K Dorle

Short Communication p. 204

Determination Of Metoprolol Tartrate By Reverse Phase HPLC

K.V Kanna Rao, M.E.B Rao, K.E.V Nagoji, S.S Rao

Short Communication p. 206

A Colorimetric Assay Method For Nabumetone

Y Srinivasa Rao, K.P.R Chowdary, J.V.L.N Seshagiri Rao

Short Communication p. 207

Phytochemical Investigation Of Pseudobulbs Of Desmotrichum Fimbriatum Blume.

Asif Ali, S Tarique Abdullah, Hinna Hamid, Mohammed Ali, S Alam

Short Communication p. 210

Antiinflammatory Activity Of Sarcostemma Brevistigma In Rats

K.G Lalitha, M.G Sethuraman, B Rajkapoor

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