Volume 73, Issue 6

Review Article p. 597

Febuxostat: A Novel Agent for Management of Hyperuricemia in Gout

Manisha Bisht, SS Bist

Research Paper p. 601

Effects of Combination of Thiazolidinediones with Melatonin in Dexamethasone-induced Insulin Resistance in Mice

MM Ghaisas, YS Ahire, PR Dandawate, SP Gandhi, M Mule

Research Paper p. 608

Preparation and In Vitro Characterization of Mucoadhesive Hydroxypropyl Guar Microspheres Containing Amlodipine Besylate for Nasal Administration

N. G. N. Swamy, Z Abbas

Research Paper p. 615

Ion-activated In Situ Gelling Ophthalmic Delivery Systems of Azithromycin

C Vijaya, K Swetha Goud

Research Paper p. 621

Effect of Fluoxetine on an Experimental Model of Diabetes-induced Neuropathic Pain Perception in the Rat

SV Tembhurne, DM Sakarkar

Research Paper p. 626

Ranitidine Hydrochloride-loaded Ethyl Cellulose and Eudragit RS 100 Buoyant Microspheres: Effect of pH Modifiers

NR Kotagale, AP Parkhe, AB Jumde, HM Khandelwal, MJ Umekar

Research Paper p. 634

Synthesis and Evaluation of Antiinflammatory, Analgesic and Ulcerogenic Potential of NSAIDs Bearing 1,3,4-Oxadiazole Scaffold

RR Somani, UV Bhanushali

Research Paper p. 641

Development and Evaluation of Microbial Degradation Dependent Compression Coated Secnidazole Tablets for Colonic Delivery

BK Sridhar, A Srinatha, BB Zaman, H Ragunandan

Research Paper p. 649

Determination and Estimation of Pharmacokinetic Profile of Caffeine in Form of Extract of Green Tea Leaves and its Analogy with Synthetic Form

Sangeetha Shanmugasundaram, N Manjunatha, R Vijayan, RB Khatwal, MK Samanta

Research Paper p. 656

Inhalational System for Etoposide Liposomes: Formulation Development and In Vitro Deposition

JJ Parmar, DJ Singh, AA Lohade, Darshana D Hegde, PS Soni, A Samad, Mala D Menon

Short Communication p. 663

ATT- A Double Edged Sword?

D Gude, DP Bansal

Short Communication p. 666

Estimation of Total Phenols and Flavonoids in Extracts of Actaea spicata Roots and Antioxidant Activity Studies

R Madaan, G Bansal, S Kumar, A Sharma

Short Communication p. 670

Solubility Prediction of Satranidazole in Propylene Glycol-Water Mixtures Using Extended Hildebrand Solubility Approach

PB Rathi

Short Communication p. 674

Synthesis and Evaluation of N-substituted Imidazole Derivatives for Antimicrobial Activity

Namita Gupta, DP Pathak

Short Communication p. 678

Evaluation of Bioequivalence of Two Oral Formulations of Olanzapine

R Singhal, V Thakkar, A Srivastava

Short Communication p. 682

Comparison of Gastroprotective Effects of Triphala Formulations on Stress-induced Ulcer in Rats

MB Nariya, VJ Shukla, B Ravishankar, SM Jain

Short Communication p. 687

Colloidal Dispersions for the Delivery of Acyclovir: A Comparative Study

Rita Cortesi, Laura Ravani, Enea Menegatti, M Drechsler, Elisabetta Esposito

Short Communication p. 693

Development and Validation of a Stability-indicating UV Spectroscopic Method for Candesartan in Bulk and Formulations

KK Pradhan, US Mishra, S Pattnaik, CK Panda, KC Sahu

Short Communication p. 696

Development and Validation of RP-HPLC Method for Simultaneous Determination of Granisetron and Dexamethasone

AA Heda, JM Kathiriya, DD Gadade, PK Puranik