Volume 71, Issue 3

Review Article p. 235

Terahertz technology: A boon to tablet analysis

MP Wagh, YH Sonawane, OU Joshi

Review Article p. 242

In situ forming polymeric drug delivery systems

M Madan, A Bajaj, S Lewis, N Udupa, JA Baig

Research Article p. 252

Formulation and in vitro evaluation of alfuzosin extended release tablets using directly compressible eudragit

MA Roni, G Kibria, R Jalil

Research Article p. 259

Synthesis, antiinflammatory and HIV-1 integrase inhibitory activities of 1,2-bis[5-thiazolyl]ethane-1,2-dione derivatives

PX Franklin, S Yerande, HM Thakar, GS Inamdar, RS Giri, H Padh, V Sudarsanam, Kamala K Vasu

Research Article p. 264

Transcranial route of brain targeted delivery of methadone in oil

W Pathirana, P Abhayawardhana, H Kariyawasam, WD Ratnasooriya

Research Article p. 270

Effect of folic acid on hematological changes in methionine-induced hyperhomocysteinemia in rats

MN Ansari, GK Nigam, Uma Bhandari

Research Article p. 276

Preparation and evaluation of microencapsulated fast melt tablets of ambroxol hydrochloride

S Jacob, A Shirwaikar

Research Article p. 285

Attitudes and behaviors of practicing community pharmacists towards patient counselling

R Adepu, BG Nagavi

Research Article p. 290

Development of buccal adhesive tablet with prolonged antifungal activity: Optimization and ex vivo deposition studies

A Madgulkar, S Kadam, V Pokharkar

Research Article p. 295

Formulation and evaluation of once daily minocycline hydrochloride extended release matrix tablets

RV Keny, SA Mankame, CF Lourenco

Short Communication p. 303

Free radical scavenging activity of leaves of Alocasia indica (Linn)

WA Mulla, VR Salunkhe, SB Kuchekar, MN Qureshi

Short Communication p. 307

Prescription writing trends of antihistamines at the university health centre

Anil Kumar, Beenta

Short Communication p. 310

Antioxidant activity of Passiflora edulis sims leaves

M Sunitha, K Devaki

Short Communication p. 311

Ion pair-HPLC method for the simultaneous estimation of quinapril and hydrochlorothiazide in tablets

M Gandhimathi, TK Ravi

Short Communication p. 313

Characterization of gelatin-sodium alginate complex coacervation system

Ujwala A Shinde, Mangal S Nagarsenker

Short Communication p. 318

HPLC method for estimation of metformin hydrochloride in formulated microspheres and tablet dosage form

Mousumi Kar, PK Choudhury

Short Communication p. 320

Investigation of hydrogel isolated from seeds of Ocimum basilicum as binder

AV Bhosale, S Hardikar, AA Pathak, RV Sable

Short Communication p. 323

Antistress, adoptogenic activity of Sida cordifolia roots in mice

Meera Sumanth, SS Mustafa

Short Communication p. 325

Simultaneous spectrophotometric estimation of norfloxacin and ornidazole in tablet dosage form

SB Wankhede, A Prakash, B Kumari, SS Chitlange

Short Communication p. 328

Antimicrobial evaluation of mangiferin analogues

SK Singh, Y Kumar, S Sadish Kumar, VK Sharma, K Dua, A Samad

Short Communication p. 331

Spectrophotometric quantitation of metformin in bulk drug and pharmaceutical formulations using multivariate technique

MS Arayne, Najma Sultana, MH Zuberi, FA Siddiqui

Short Communication p. 335

Quantitative estimation of naproxen in tablets using ibuprofen sodium as hydrotropic agent

RK Maheshwari, G Wanare, Nitika Chahar, Prajakta Joshi, Nishi Nayak

Short Communication p. 338

A pharmacovigilance study of antihypertensive medicines at a South Delhi hospital

A Hussain, M Aqil, MS Alam, MR Khan, P Kapur, KK Pillai

Short Communication p. 342

Anticandidal activity of Asparagus racemosus

B Uma, K Prabhakar, S Rajendran

Short Communication p. 343

The antimicrobial activity of essential oil from Perovskia abrotanoides karel and its main components

M Mahboubi, N Kazempour