Volume 60, Issue 6

Review Article p. 333

Importance Of Docking Studies In Drug Design

K. G Bothara, A. U Patil, A Sexena

Review Article p. 338

The Pathophysiology Of Headache Part I

Aarti G Jagtap, Shilp G Karkera

Research Paper p. 346

Synthesis, Biological Evaluation And QSAR Analysis Of Some New Derivatives Of Ketoprofen And Flurbiprofen

N Kawathekar, S. C Chaturvedi

Research Paper p. 353

A Quantitative Analysis Of N-Phenyl-6,11-Dihydrodibenzo[b,e]Oxepin-11-Carboxamides And Related Derivatives As The Inhibitors Of Acyl-CoA Cholesterol Acyl Transferase (ACAT)

P Singh, R Kumar

Research Paper p. 358

A Comprehensive Computer Program For The Study Of Drug Release Kinetics From Compressed Matrices

Bhupinder Singh, Saranjit Singh

Research Paper p. 363

Effect Of Azadirachta Indica Leaf Extract On Carbontetrachloride - Induced Hepatic Damage In Albino Rats

A. M Mujumdar, Anuradha S Upadhye, A. M Pradhan

Research Paper p. 368

Spectrophotometric Determination Of Ketamine Hydrochloride By Charge - Transfer Complexation With p-Chloranilic Acid

G. B Okide, U. E Odoh

Research Paper p. 371

SMRAILS : A Lotus 1-2-3 Spreadsheet For Stepwise Multiple Parameter Regression Analysis Applied To QSAR Analysis

S. K Chakravarti, S Ajmani, S. C Chaturvedi

Research Paper p. 375

Sustained - Release Formulations Of Nifedipine

D. J Farid, N Sadeg-Shoberi, M Hassani, A Nokhodchi

Research Paper p. 379

Pharmacological Screening Of 6H, 11H-Indolo [3, 2-c] Isoquinolin-5-Ones And Their Derivatives

A. R Saundane, K Rudresh, N. D Satyanarayan, S. P Hiremath

Research Paper p. 384

In Vitro Premeation Study Of Diclofenac Hydroxyethyl Pyrrolidine

S. P Patvardhan, K. S Joshi, V. S. V Vadlamudi Rao, S. G Deshpande

Research Paper p. 388

Seasonal Variation In The Content Of Sennosides And Rhein In Leaves And Pods Of Cassia Fistula

Anusree Dutta, D. E Bratati

Short Communication p. 391

Piper Officinarum : A Potent Anitatherosclerotic And Hypolipidaemic Agent

Indu Sharma, Deepali Gusain, V. P Dixit, A Purohit

Short Communication p. 394

Bioefficacy Of Heliotropium Ellipticum Ledeb.I. Antimicrobial Screening

S. C Jain, B Singh

Short Communication p. 396

Microwave Assisted Synthesis Of New Bioactive 1,3,4-Thiadiazolyl Substituted 1,3,4-Oxadiazoles

M Kidwai, Y Goel, P Kumar

Short Communication p. 400

Octamethoxynaphthalene From Cassia Nodosa

Puja Suhag, Meena Rani, S. B Kalidhar

Short Communication p. 402

The Effect Of Aglaia Roxburghiana (W. & A.) Miq. Var. Beddomei On Experimentally - Induced Ulcers

S Janaki, S Vishwanathan, V Vijayasekaran, S. S Parvathy, T. R Ramanujam, D Prathiba, K. R Rao

Short Communication p. 405

Preparation And Evaluation Of Dental Implants Containing Doxycycline Hydrochloride And Tinidazole In Biodegradable Carrier

R Nagaraju, N Udupa

Short Communication p. 407

Simultaneous Derivative Spectrophotometric Determination Of Terbutaline Sulphate And Guaiphenesin

A Gupta, R Garg, A. K Sharma