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Volume 77, Issue 4

Review Article p. 367

Smart polymers in nasal drug delivery

Ankita Chonkar, Usha Nayak, N Udupa

DOI: 10.4103/0250-474X.164770

PMID: 26664051
Research Paper p. 376

Synthesis and characterization of Cr(III), Mn(III), Fe(III), VO(IV), Zr(IV) and UO2 (VI) complexes of schiff base derived from isonicotinoyl hydrazone

Pranita U Gawande, PR Mandlik, AS Aswar

DOI: 10.4103/0250-474X.164779

PMID: 26664052
Research Paper p. 382

Effect of water-miscible organic solvents on CYP450-mediated metoprolol and imipramine metabolism in rat liver microsomes

TS Shah, SH Kambl, Pranali G Patil, KR Iyer

DOI: 10.4103/0250-474X.164783

PMID: 26664053
Research Paper p. 382

Comparative in vitro dissolution of two commercially available Er-Zhi-Wan herbal medicinal products

M Wang, X Jin, X Ren, Y Zhu, Z Liu, X Gao

DOI: 10.4103/0250-474X.164774

PMID: 26664054
Research Paper p. 399

Development and validation of different ultraviolet-spectrophotometric methods for the estimation of besifloxacin in different simulated body fluids

CL Singh, A Singh, S Kumar, M Kumar, PK Sharma, DK Majumdar

DOI: 10.4103/0250-474X.164784

PMID: 26664055
Research Paper p. 405

Synthesis and charactersiation of chitosan conjugate; design and evaluation of membrane moderated type transdermal drug delivery system

BK Satheeshababu, R Shruthinag

DOI: 10.4103/0250-474X.164775

PMID: 26664056
Research Paper p. 413

Anodic oxidation of etodolac and its linear sweep, square wave and differential pulse voltammetric determination in pharmaceuticals

B Yilmaz, S Kaban, BK Akcay

DOI: 10.4103/0250-474X.164777

PMID: 26664057
Research Paper p. 422

Development and characterization of cinnamon leaf oil nanocream for topical application

NA Zainol, TS Ming, Y Darwis

DOI: 10.4103/0250-474X.164785

PMID: 26664058
Research Paper p. 434

Development and validation of new hplc method for simultaneous estimation of l-lysine hydrochloride and l-carnitine-l-tartrate in pharmaceutical dosage form

MA Qadir, M Ahmed, WA Hussain, MS Tahir

DOI: 10.4103/0250-474X.164772

PMID: 26664059
Research Paper p. 439

Molecular docking and interactions of pueraria tuberosa with vascular endothelial growth factor receptors

S Asthana, T Agarwal, S Singothu, A Samal, I Banerjee, K Pal, K Pramanik, SS Ray

DOI: 10.4103/0250-474X.164780

PMID: 26664060
Research Paper p. 446

Variation in pharmacognostic characters and polyphenolic contents among four species of medicinal plants from the genus spermacoce (rubiaceae)

GM Ankad, RT Konakeri, HV Hegde, S Roy

DOI: 10.4103/0250-474X.164781

PMID: 26664061
Research Paper p. 453

Molecular modeling and docking study to elucidate novel chikungunya virus nsP2 protease inhibitors

T Agarwal, Somya Asthana, A Bissoyi

DOI: 10.4103/0250-474X.164769

PMID: 26664062
Research Paper p. 461

Effective surfactants blend concentration determination for o/w emulsion stabilization by two nonionic surfactants by simple linear regression

AK Hassan

DOI: 10.4103/0250-474X.164773

PMID: 26664063
Research Paper p. 470

Design of chronomodulated drug delivery system of valsartan: in vitro characterization

M Sokar, A Hanafy, A Elkamel, S El-gamal

DOI: 10.4103/0250-474X.164768

PMID: 26664064
Research Paper p. 478

Age- and sex-related prevalence and drug utilization pattern in the management of type 2 diabetes mellitus and its comorbidity with cardiovascular diseases: A comparative study

S Das, PL Haroled Peter, M Lakshmi bhavani, P Naresh, MV Ramana

DOI: 10.4103/0250-474X.164776

PMID: 26664065
Short Communication p. 485

Comparison of eleven heavy metals in moringa oleifera lam. products

C Limmatvapirat, S Limmatvapirat, J Charoenteeraboon, C Wessapan, A Kumsum, S Jenwithayaamornwech, P Luangthuwapranit

DOI: 10.4103/0250-474X.164782

PMID: 26664066
Short Communication p. 490

Assessment of adverse drug reactions based on spontaneous signals at secondary care public hospital

S Ponnusankar, M Tejaswini, M Chaitanya

DOI: 10.4103/0250-474X.164771

PMID: 26664067
Short Communication p. 493

Pharmacodynamic study of interaction of aqueous leaf extract of psidium guajava linn. (myrtaceae) with receptor systems using isolated tissue preparations

RK Mahaseth, S Kumar, Shagun Dutta, Ratika Sehgal, Preety Rajora, Rajani Mathur

DOI: 10.4103/0250-474X.164778

PMID: 26664068
Short Communication p. 499

A Novel submicron emulsion system loaded with doxorubicin overcome multi-drug resistance in MCF-7/ADR cells

WP Zhou, HY Hua, PC Sun, YX Zhao

DOI: 10.4103/0250-474X.164767

PMID: 26664069
Short Communication p. 504

In vivo antimalarial activities of russelia equisetiformis in plasmodium berghei infected mice

O Ojurongbe, JA Ojo, DI Adefokun, OO Abiodun, G Odewale, EO Awe

DOI: 10.4103/0250-474X.164787

PMID: 26664070
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