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2020: Recent Trends in Biomedical Research

Research Paper p. 1

Effects of Cyathula officinalis Kuan Extracts on Hypertension-induced Renal Vascular Remodeling by Inhibiting the Expression of ALD, Renin, Ang II and the Activation of Erk1/2 and P38 Signaling Pathways: A Mechanistic Study

Author(s): Jiajing Z, Yueping Bi, Wuyou Jiang, Qi W, Shurong G, Hongjie Y, Fei Cao, Yaohan Yue and Yingjue Wang*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.1

Short Communication p. 8

Risk Factor Analysis of Pan-drug Resistant Acinetobacter baumannii-induced Ventilator-associated Pneumonia in ICU


DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.2

Short Communication p. 12

Comparative Efficacy and Safety of High-viscosity versus Low-viscosity Bone Cement in the Treatment of Osteoporotic Vertebral Fractures

Author(s): Zhi Yu and H. Sendong*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.3

Short Communication p. 15

Effects of Chinaberry Tree Extract on Proliferation, Apoptosis, Migration and Cell Cycle Distribution of Human Breast Cancer Cells

Author(s): X. Jian, Xiao Chunhong*, C. Hongyan, Lu Huijun, Yu Haizhong* and Y. Jianfen

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.4

Research Paper p. 23

Comparison of the Short term Efficacy and Serum Markers between Lobaplatin/Paclitaxel- and Carboplatin/Paclitaxel-based Adjuvant Chemotherapy in Patients with Ovarian Cancer

Author(s): Zhihui Li, Ying Chen and Shihong Zhang*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.5

Research Paper p. 30

Preparation of mNGF-conjugated Iron Oxide Nanoparticles and Repair of Peripheral Nerve Injury in Rats Under Applied External Magnetic Field

Author(s): Lijun Li, Haimiti Abuduaini, Dongkui Ni*, Y. Shi, F. Zhu and Q. Zong

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.6

Short Communication p. 38

Effects of Carbachol on the Excitatory Muscarinic Cholinergic Receptors in Urinary Bladder and Plasma Inflammatory Mediators in Anesthetized Rats


DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.7

Short Communication p. 42

Clinical Study on the Efficacy of Pantoprazole Combined with Mosapride on Gastroesophageal Reflux Chest Pain

Author(s): Chang Hui, G. Yingqiang, Yang Zhicai, N. Xiaokang and Yue Liming*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.8

Short Communication p. 46

Long-term Effect of Transurethral Resection of Bladder Tumor Combined with Intravesical Instillation of Pirarubicin on Immune Function in Superficial Bladder Cancer

Author(s): R. Feng*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.9

Short Communication p. 49

Efficacy of Bailing Capsule (Traditional Chinese Medicine) in the Treatment of Nephrotic Syndrome: A Meta-analysis

Author(s): A. CHENG, YIJU LI*, S. LI* AND Lan Wang

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.10

Short Communication p. 53

In vitro Screening of Berberis lycium Root Extract on HCT-116 and MCF-7 Cell Lines

Author(s): Xiaolin Hu, S. Islam, Fuad Ameen, Abdullah A. Alarfaj, G. Murtaza* and A. Mannan*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.11

Short Communication p. 59

Assessment of Bailing Capsule in the Treatment of Chronic Glomerulonephritis: A Meta-analysis

Author(s): W. LI*, WEI. QU, Zhou H

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.12

Short Communication p. 64

Development of a Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification Assay for Rapid Detection of Streptococcus pneumoniae Isolates in Clinical Sputum Samples

Author(s): Y. Li, Linlin Ma, Siqi Duan, M. Li* and J. Chen

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.13

Short Communication p. 69

Effect of Montelukast on Elderly Patients with Bronchial Asthma and Its Effect on Serum Transforming Growth Factor-beta1 and Cysteine Leukotriene Levels

Author(s): J. Ren, Xiaomeng Li, L. Wang, Mingzhu Liu, Ke Zheng and Yanrong Wang*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.14

Short Communication p. 73

Effect of Continuous Nursing on Nursing Effect, Quality of Life and Satisfaction of Children with Pneumonia

Author(s): Yanan Liu, H. Ren, Jing Guo and Dan Su*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.15

Research Paper p. 78

Establishment and Application of an Environmental Relative Moldiness Index for Dwellings in Korea

Author(s): J. Lee*, E. Hwang, Ju-Yeong Lee, J. Ryu, Sooyun Seo, Myung-Hee Kwon, Hyen-Mi Chung, S. Vesper and S. Seo

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.16

Short Communication p. 86

Effect of Metformin Combined with Losartan on Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor and Angiotensin II in Serum of Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats

Author(s): J. Luo, Meizi Guo, Y. Wu, C. Jin and Y. Zhuang*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.17

Short Communication p. 98

Effect of Sodium Hyaluronate on Inflammatory Cytokine Levels in Synovial Fluid of Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis

Author(s): H. Qu, F. Wang, Z. Li, X. Li, Z. Li, H. Wu, Fan Wu and L. Shi*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.18

Short Communication p. 103

A Comparative Study on the Treatment of Osteoporotic Vertebral Compression Fracture with Different Injection Volumes of High Viscosity Bone Cement in Percutaneous Vertebroplasty

Author(s): S. A. Song, L. Shen, W. Yukai and Z. Changqing*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.19

Research Article p. 107

How Should General Surgery Education be? Trying to Find an Answer to the Long-term Problem Based on Prospective Evaluation of a General Surgeons Education

Author(s): Y. S. Peker

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.20

Short Communication p. 114

Preliminary Study of Calcium Homeostasis Modulator 1 Involvement in Trigeminal Neuralgia

Author(s): C. WANG, X.F. CHEN*, X.L. MA, M. ZHANG

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.21

Short Communication p. 119

Ginsenoside Rg2 Attenuates Ischemia/Reperfusion-induced Injury to Spinal Cord in Rats

Author(s): X. Yu, Mei Xin, A. Huang, L. Chen, X. Cai, J. Shen, T. Zou, T. Yang and Y. Miao*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.22

Short Communication p. 124

Anthracycline Chemotherapy in Treatuing Advanced Breast Cancer and its effect on Estradiol and Tumor Size

Author(s): Huifen Zhen, G. Fan, Z. Xiaojun, Miaomiao Jia, Y. Haibo, Y. Yarong, L. Yuandong and Jinnan Gao*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.23

Research Paper p. 91

Face Recognition Using the Combination of Weighted Sparse Representation-based Classification and Singular Value Decomposition Face

Author(s): Hoda Khosravi*, J. Vahidi, A. Ghaffari and H. Motameni

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.24

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