Volume 77, Issue 2

Review Article p. 127

D-002 (beeswax alcohols): Concurrent joint health benefits and gastroprotection

Vivian Molina, R Mas, D Carbajal

Review Article p. 135

Pharmacogenetics, pharmacogenomics and ayurgenomics for personalized medicine: A paradigm shift

Pooja D Gupta

Research Paper p. 142

Comparative study to predict dipeptidyl peptidase IV inhibitory activity of ?-amino amide scaffold

S Patil, R Sharma, A Abhishek

Research Paper p. 151

Combating drug resistant pathogenic bacteria isolated from clinical infections, with silver oxide nanoparticles

M Sangappa, Padma Thiagarajan

Research Paper p. 156

Influence of triazine herbicide exposure on guppies (poecilia sphenops) aromatase activities, altered sex steroid concentration and vitellogenin induction

S Vasanth, G Arul, S Karthikeyeni, TSV Kumar, V Vignesh, M Manimegalai, G Bupesh, R Thirumurugan, P Subramanian

Research Paper p. 163

Protective effect of total phenolic compounds from inula helenium on hydrogen peroxide-induced oxidative stress in sh-sy5y cells

J Wang, YM Zhao, B Zhang, CY Guo

Research Paper p. 170

In vitro antioxidant and pharmacognostic studies of leaf extracts of cajanus cajan (l.) millsp

B Mahitha, P Archana, Md. H Ebrahimzadeh, K Srikanth, M Rajinikanth, N Ramaswamy

Research Paper p. 178

Self medication practices among medical students of a private institute

Arti A Kasulkar, M Gupta

Research Paper p. 183

Evaluation of antioxidant producing potential of halophilic bacterial bionts from marine invertebrates

Sheryanne Velho-Pereira, P Parvatkar, Irene J Furtado

Research Paper p. 190

Human bioequivalence evaluation of two losartan potassium tablets under fasting conditions

AK Das, S Dhanure, AK Savalia, SK Nayak, SK Tripathy

Research Paper p. 196

Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of 9-o-substituted palmatine derivatives

ZC Li, XB Kong, WP Mai, GC Sun, SZ Zhao

Research Paper p. 202

Synthesis and in vitro screening of 29, 30-dibromo-28-oxoallobetulin against parasitic protozoans, leishmania donovani and leishmania major

P Ghosh, A Mandal, S Dey, C Pal

Research Paper p. 208

Antimelanoma potential of eruca sativa seed oil and its bioactive principles

Prachi Bansal, S Medhe, N Ganesh, MM Srivastava

Short Communication p. 218

Essential oil composition of valeriana jatamansi jones from himalayan regions of India

Archana P Raina, KS Negi

Short Communication p. 222

Inhibitory effect of curcumin on the contractility of isolated caprine detrusor muscle

S Manvizhi, A Kumar, FX Margaret shanthi, Kalpana Ernest

Short Communication p. 226

Total phenolic content and antioxidant activity of morinda tinctoria leaves

Deepti Kolli, KR Amperayani, Umadevi Parimi

Short Communication p. 230

Synthesis and biological activities of some benzimidazolone derivatives

BK Karale, SS Rindhe, MA Rode

Short Communication p. 237

Hypoglycemic effect of the methanol flower extract of piper claussenianum and the major constituent 2',6'-dihydroxy-4'-methoxychalcone in streptozotocin diabetic rats

AM Marques, SL Pereira, RA Paiva, CV Cavalcante, SZ Sudo, lW Tinoco, DL Moreira, EF Guimaraes, RT Sudo, MAC Kaplan, GZ Sudo

Short Communication p. 243

Evaluation of ethanol and aqueous extracts of cinnamomum verum leaf galls for potential antioxidant and analgesic activity

Minakshi Pandey, DR Chandra