Volume 80, Issue 1

Editor's Note p. 1

Editor's Note 2018

Divakar Goli

Review Article p. 2

A Review on Ethnomedicinal, Phytochemical and Pharmacological Aspects of Myrica esculenta

P. Sood and R. Shri*

Review Article p. 14

Solid Oral Flexible Formulations for Pediatric and Geriatric patients: Age-appropriate Formulation Platforms

P. Chandrasekaran and Ruckmani Kandasamy*

Research Paper p. 26

Phytochemical, Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Screening of Suaeda maritima L (Dumort) against Human Pathogens and Multiple Drug Resistant Bacteria

Bulti Nayak, Satarupa Roy, Madhumita Roy*, A. Mitra and Kalpana Karak

Research Paper p. 36

Design and Synthesis of New Bioactive 1,2,4-Triazoles, Potential Antitubercular and Antimicrobial Agents

R. Singh, S. K. Kashaw*, V. K. Mishra, M. Mishra, V. Rajoriya and V. Kashaw

Research Paper p. 46

Extraction and Antioxidant Activity of Flavonoids from Seed Coat of Borassus flabellifer Linn using Orthogonal Array (L16(4^4))

P. Muthukumaran*, T. Sathishkumar, M. Alamelumangai, J. Dhanalakshmi, M. Mathumitha and Saranya Renganayaki

Research Paper p. 52

Purification, Fractionation and Characterization of Anthocyanin from in vitro Culture of Bridelia retusa (L.) Spreng.

J. M. Aswathy, S. S. Sumayya, B. Lawarence, C. H. Kavitha and K. Murugan*

Research Paper p. 65

Combined 3D-QSAR and Molecular Docking Study on benzo[h][1,6]naphthyridin-2(1H)-one Analogs as mTOR Inhibitors

B. Wang, M. M. Liu, B. W. Wang, J. Li, M. Shu and Z. H. Lin*

Research Paper p. 79

Qualitative and Quantitative Determination of Phytoconstituents in Some Antifertility Herbs

V. Soni*, A. K. Jha, J. Dwivedi and P. Soni

Research Paper p. 85

Cellular Localization and Production of Lovastatin from Monascus purpureus

A. Seenivasan, S. Venkatesan and Tapobrata Panda

Research Paper p. 99

Identification of Antioxidant Cysteine-stabilised Peptides of Morinda lucida Benth. Leaf

K. E. Adewole, A. F. Attah, M. A Sonibare and J. O. Adebayo*

Research Paper p. 108

Synthesis and Antiretroviral Activity of 6-Acetyl-coumarin Derivatives against HIV-1 Infection

V. K. Srivastav, M. Tiwari*, X. Zhang and X-J. Yao

Research Paper p. 118

Preparation, Validation and User-testing of Patient Information Leaflets on Diabetes and Hypertension

Santosha Vooradi, Leelavathi D. Acharya*, Shubha Seshadri, G. Thunga and K. Vijayanarayana

Research Paper p. 126

Aqueous Extract of Tournefortia sarmentosa Stem Inhibits ADP-induced Platelet Aggregation

L. K. Wang, F. M. Tsai, M. L. Chen, S. Wu, M. C. Lee, T. C. Tsai, Weimou Chou and C. H. Wang*

Research Paper p. 135

Chemical Composition, Toxicity and Antidermatophytic Activity of Essential Oil of Trachyspermum ammi

Neetu Jain*, M. Sharma, S. C. Joshi and U. Kaushik

Research Paper p. 143

Radical Scavenging and Antibacterial Activity of Phenolic Compounds from Anacardium occidentale L. Stem Barks from South East Sulawesi-Indonesia

Wahyuni, M. H. Malaka, N.A. Yanti, R. Hartati, Sukrasno and I. Sahidin*

Research Paper p. 150

Immunomodulatory Effects of Gallic Acid against Cyclophosphamide- and Cisplatin-induced Immunosuppression in Swiss Albino Mice

S. Shruthi*, K. K. Vijayalaxmi and K. B. Shenoy

Research Paper p. 161

Evaluation of Antioxidant, Hypoglycemic and Hypolipidemic Effects of the Phytoconstituents of Cinnamomum tamala in Rats

Vineeta Singh, S. P. Singh, M. Singh and A. Kumar*

Research Paper p. 173

Size-dependent Bacterial Growth Inhibition and Antibacterial Activity of Ag-doped ZnO Nanoparticles under Different Atmospheric Conditions

S. Shahid, S. A. Khan*, W. Ahmad, U. Fatima and S. Knawal

Research Paper p. 181

Formulation and Development of Gastroretentive Dipyridamole Microspheres: Proof of Concept by In vitro-In vivo Assessment

S. D. Vanshiv*, H. P. Joshi and A. B. Aware

Research Paper p. 192

Phytochemical and Antioxidant analysis of the leaf extract of Malaysian Medicinal Plant Abroma augusta L.

P. Sunitha*, N. Sathyanarayana, V. C. Suresh, S. Sreeramanan, J. Sam Annie and R. Xavier

Short Communication p. 199

Skin Penetration of Two Topical Formulations of Gossypol, an Ex vivo Comparative Study

M. Clent and L. Teng*

Short Communication p. 204

MAPKs-NF-kappaB Pathway Plays a Crucial Role in the Antiinflammatory Effects of Amentoflavone in Lipopolysaccharide-treated BV2 Microglia

K-J Chien, C-H Su, Y-C Ho, S-S Lee, C-T Horng, M-L Yang, Y-H Kuan*

Short Communication p. 210

A Cross-sectional Assessment of Knowledge, Attitudes and Beliefs Concerning HIV/AIDS among Pakistani University Population

Z. U. Mustafa, M. Salman*, M. S. K. Afridi, N. Asif, N. Shehzadi and K. Hussain