Volume 72, Issue 2

Research Article p. 149

An overview of curcumin in neurological disorders

SK Kulkarni, A Dhir

Research Paper p. 155

Design and evaluation of liposomal formulation of pilocarpine nitrate

S Rathod, SG Deshpande

Research Paper p. 161

Optimization of cultural conditions for protease production by a fungal species

P Kamath, VM Subrahmanyam, J Venkata Rao, P Vasanth Raj

Research Paper p. 167

Antibacterial activity of some medicinal mangroves against antibiotic resistant pathogenic bacteria

PD Abeysinghe

Research Paper p. 173

Preparation of coated valproic acid and sodium valproate sustained-release matrix tablets

T Phaechamud, W Mueannoom, S Tuntarawongsa, S Chitrattha

Research Paper p. 184

Formulation and in vitro evaluation of sustained release dosage form with taste masking of metformin hydrochloride

PK Bhoyar, DM Biyani

Research Paper p. 191

Fabrication and evaluation of bi-layer tablet containing conventional paracetamol and modified release diclofenac sodium

MC Gohel, RK Parikh, SA Nagori, BA Jethwa

Research Paper p. 197

Development and Validation of a Dissolution Test for Meloxicam and Pridinol Mesylate from Combined Tablet Formulation

SE Vignaduzzo, PM Castellano, TS Kaufman

Research Paper p. 204

Stability indicating RP-HPLC method for simultaneous determination of simvastatin and ezetimibe from tablet dosage form

RP Dixit, CR Barhate, SG Padhye, CL Viswanathan, MS Nagarsenker

Research Paper p. 211

Development of taste masked oral formulation of ornidazole

Shishu, Kamalpreet, VR Kapoor

Research Paper p. 216

Synthesis, characterization and biocidal activities of some schiff base metal complexes

MA Neelakantan, M Esakkiammal, SS Mariappan, J Dharmaraja, T Jeyakumar

Research Paper p. 223

Comparison and suitability of gel matrix for entrapping higher content of enzymes for commercial applications

R Mahajan, VK Gupta, J Sharma

Short Communication p. 229

Preliminary phytochemical screening and antimicrobial studies of Lantana indica roxb

R Venkataswamy, A Doss, M Sukumar, HM Mubarack

Short Communication p. 231

New benzofuran derivatives as an antioxidant agent

SS Rindhe, MA Rode, BK Karale

Short Communication p. 235

Development and validation of a RP-HPLC method for estimation of montelukast sodium in bulk and in tablet dosage form

RM Singh, PK Saini, SC Mathur, GN Singh, B Lal

Short Communication p. 238

Antidiarrhoeal activity of the alcoholic extract of the leaves of Butea frondosa Koen. Ex Roxb.

D Banji, Otilia Banji, M Shanthmurthy, M Singh

Short Communication p. 240

Development of spectrofluorimetric and HPLC methods for In vitro analysis of repaglinide

N Kaushal, S Jain, AK Tiwary

Short Communication p. 245

Solid state characterization of domperidone: Hydroxypropyl-?-cyclodextrin inclusion complex

DS Ghodke, GM Chaulang, KS Patil, PD Nakhat, PG Yeole, NS Naikwade, CS Magdum

Short Communication p. 249

Validated high performance thin layer chromatographic determination and content uniformity test for rosiglitazone in tablets

SG Walode, HK Chaudhari, MS Saraswat, AV Kasture, SG Wadodkar

Short Communication p. 252

Development and validation of a RP-HPLC method for determination of cyclosporine in capsule

F Aziz, A Gupta, MF Khan

Short Communication p. 255

Validated HPLC-RI method for the determination of lactulose and its process related impurities in syrup

A Nelofar, AH Laghari, A Yasmin

Short Communication p. 258

New spectrophotometric estimation of ornidazole tablets employing urea as a hydrotropic solubilizing additive

RK Maheshwari, VK Srivastav, RP Prajapat, Anshu Jain, P Kamaria, S Sahu

Short Communication p. 261

Pharmacognostic and antifungal investigations of Elaeocarpus ganitrus (Rudrakasha)

B Singh, A Chopra, M.P.S Ishar, A Sharma, T Raj

Short Communication p. 265

Simultaneous spectrophotometric estimation of haloperidol and trihexyphenidyl in tablets

SP Wate, AA Borkar

Short Communication p. 267

In vitro antioxidant potential of different parts of Oroxylum indicum: A comparative study

SL Mishra, PK Sinhamahapatra, A Nayak, R Das, S Sannigrahi

Short Communication p. 269

Colorimetric method for the estimation of escitalopram oxalate in tablet dosage form

T Vetrichelvan, K Arul, M Sumithra, B Umadevi

Abstract p. 272

First AAPS-NUS-BCP Regional Conference 2010

Abstract p. 276

Indian Pharmaceutical Association Convention 2010