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Volume 78, Issue 5

Research Paper p. 557

Biotin-encoded Pullulan-Retinoic Acid Engineered Nanomicelles: Preparation, Optimization and In Vitro Cytotoxicity Assessment in MCF-7 Cells

F. Hassanzadeh, J. Varshosaz, G. A. Khodarahmi, Mahboubeh Rostami*, Fatemeh Hassanzadeh

DOI: 10.4172/pharmaceutical-sciences.1000153

Research Paper p. 566

Evaluation of Factors Influencing Renal Dysfunction Following Living Donor Liver Transplantation

Liniya Sunny, Emmanuel James, M. Krishnapriya, M. R. Mamatha and S. Sudhindran

DOI: 10.4172/pharmaceutical-sciences.1000154

Research Paper p. 575

Chlorella vulgaris and Chlamydomonas reinhardtii: Effective Antioxidant, Antibacterial and Anticancer Mediators

A. Jayshree*, S. Jayashree and N. Thangaraju

DOI: 10.4172/pharmaceutical-sciences.1000155

Research Paper p. 582

Adapting Pharmaceutical Pricing and Reimbursement Strategies for Achieving Universal Health Coverage in Nepal: Lessons from Selected Low- And Lower-Middle-Income Countries

M. Acharya

DOI: 10.4172/pharmaceutical-sciences.1000156

Research Paper p. 591

The Quantitative Alteration of TLR4 in Rat Spleen after Exposure to Acrylonitrile and Subsequent Detoxification by Sodium Thiosulfate

X.J. LI, B. Li*, J.S. Huang, J.M. Shi, W. Fan and Y.L. Zhou

DOI: 10.4172/pharmaceutical-sciences.1000157

Research Paper p. 602

Tetrahydroxystilbene Glucoside Exerts Cytoprotective Effect against Hydrogen Peroxide-induced Cell Death Involving ROS Production and Antioxidant Enzyme Activation

S. S. Tian, P. Song, L. Y. Liu, R. Zhu and H. J. Zhao*

DOI: 10.4172/pharmaceutical-sciences.1000158

Research Paper p. 608

Optimization of Total Polyphenols Extraction from Vigna angularis and Their Antioxidant Activities

H.H. Zhang and S. Wang

DOI: 10.4172/pharmaceutical-sciences.1000159

Research Paper p. 615

In vitro Evaluation of Brassica sprouts for its Antioxidant and Antiproliferative Potential

A. Chaudhary*, Sonika Choudhary, U. Sharma, A. P. Vig and S. Arora

DOI: 10.4172/pharmaceutical-sciences.1000160

Research Article p. 624

Effect of Ethanol and pH on the in Vitro Adsorption of Diazepam onto Activated Charcoal from Simulated Gastric Fluid and Simulated Intestinal Fluid

S. K. Sah, D. Joshi, S. Pathak, S. Regmi, B. M. Regmi, P. N. Manandhar, S. Pandeya and N. Marasini*

DOI: 10.4172/pharmaceutical-sciences.1000161

Research Paper p. 631

Validation and Experimental Design Assisted Robustness Testing of RPLC Method for the Simultaneous Analysis of Brinzolamide and Brimonidine Tartrate in an Ophthalmic Dosage Form

J. R. Christian, Kalpana G. Patel* and T. R. Gandhi

DOI: 10.4172/pharmaceutical-sciences.1000162

Research Paper p. 641

Effect of Sodium Thiosulfate on Isolated Cardiac Interfibrillar and Subsarcolemmal Mitochondria

A. Shakila Banu, A. Noorul Shifana, M. B. Nasreen Fathima, M. Chandni and G. A. Kurian

DOI: 10.4172/pharmaceutical-sciences.1000163

Research Article p. 651

Assessment of Bioequivalence of Fexofenadine and Montelukast Fixed Dose Combination Tablet Versus Separate Formulations of the Individual Components at the Same Dose Levels

A. Walekar*, D. Chodankar, M. Naqvi and C. Trivedi

DOI: 10.4172/pharmaceutical-sciences.1000164

Research Paper p. 657

Spectrophotometric Estimation of Lamotrigine in Tablets

B. K. Jayanna*, T. D. Devaraj, K. P. Roopa, G. Nagendrappa and N. Gowda

DOI: 10.4172/pharmaceutical-sciences.1000165

Research Paper p. 663

Stability-indicating UPLC-MS/UV Method for Simultaneous Determination of Sildenafil Citrate and Dapoxetine Hydrochloride from Bulk and Formulation

V. S. Tambe*, M. N. Deodhar and Vijayalakshmi Prakya

DOI: 10.4172/pharmaceutical-sciences.1000166

Research Paper p. 673

Microwave-assisted Extraction and RP-HPLC Quantification of Bergapten from Pithecellobium dulce

S. D. Katekhaye* and K. S. Laddha

DOI: 10.4172/pharmaceutical-sciences.1000167

Research Paper p. 680

Characterization and Determination of Major Bioactive Acids in Camel Urine Using Gas Chromatography Mass-spectrometry

A. Khedr* and F. Khorshid

DOI: 10.4172/pharmaceutical-sciences.1000168

Short Communication p. 688

Synthesis and Preliminary Study on the DNA-binding Property of Tranexamic Acid Derivatives

D. X. Zhao* and K. Lu

DOI: 10.4172/pharmaceutical-sciences.1000169

Short Communication p. 691

Fermentation Potentiates Antimotility Properties of Chamomile Ligulate Flower Extracts

S. Vukmirovic, Milica Kusturica*, B. Milijasevic, Jovana Trifunovic, Ana Tthomas and M. Mikov

DOI: 10.4172/pharmaceutical-sciences.1000170

Short Communication p. 694

Spectrophotometric Estimation of Aripiprazole in Tablets

B. K. Jayanna*, T. D. Devaraj, G. Nagendrappa and N. Gowda

DOI: 10.4172/pharmaceutical-sciences.1000171

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