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2022: New Advancements in Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Research Paper p. 1

The Value of Cranial Ultrasound in the Detection and Diagnosis of Intraventricular Hemorrhage and Focal White Matter Damage in Premature Infants

Author(s): X. Du, Li Li, S. Chen and Ruike Liu*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.445

Research Paper p. 8

A Comparative Study of Spinal Myelotomy to Preserve Limb Function at Injured Segments in Patients with Complete Paralysis after Cervical Spine Injury

Author(s): Wanshan Bai, Lin Zhu, Yuan Zhou, W. Niu and Y. Lin*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.446

Short Communication p. 16

Observation of the Effect of Pregabalin Combined With Celecoxib in the Treatment of Acute Pain of Lumbar Intervertebral Disc Herniation

Author(s): Jin Chen, Yun Xiang, Yao Xiao, Jie Tang and Chuancheng Feng*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.447

Short Communication p. 21

The Effect of Bevacizumab-Related Hypertension on the Prognosis of Patients with Colorectal Cancer and Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Author(s): Juhua Pan, Liangda Zheng, Binghui Liu, Shuqing You and Weizhi Zheng*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.448

Short Communication p. 25

Clinical Application Analysis of Calcium Dobesilate Combined with Ranibizumab in Patients with Macular Edema Secondary to Branch Retinal Vein Occlusion

Author(s): Leilei Yu, Kai Tang, Yunjiu Rong, Zhi Li, Xueling Song, Xuepei Chen and Lina Song*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.449

Research Paper p. 29

Network Pharmacology Based and Molecular Docking Prediction of the Active Ingredients and Mechanism of Ziziphi spinosae semen-Schisandrae chinensis fructus for Application in Insomnia Treatment

Author(s): Pei Zheng, Y. Liang, Lili Wang, Yumei Zhang, Xinyu Liu, Jiaqing Li, Li Zhi Zhao and M. W. Zhang*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.450

Research Paper p. 42

In Vivo Developing Immunotherapy of Ex Vivo Expansion of Human Natural Killer Cells from Thalassemia Patients for Leukaemia

Author(s): M. Alkhaled*, A. M. Elazzazy, O. A. Almaghrabia and R. Handgretinger

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.451

Research Paper p. 48

Complement Factor H is a Novel Biomarker for Diagnosis and Prognosis of Patients with Liver Cancer

Author(s): C. X. Lv, Qiqi Zhang, Chunyu Li, Y. G. Li, E. T. Li, Z. R. Li and T. C. Wang*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.452

Research Paper p. 59

Ex Vivo Expansion and Activation of Natural Killer Cells from Thalassemia Patients for Adoptive Immunotherapy of Tumors

Author(s): M. Alkhaled, A. M. Elazzazy*, O. A. Almaghrabi and R. Handgretinger

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.453

Research Paper p. 65

Favourable Prognosis Value of Matrix Metalloproteinase-10 Overexpression in Urinary Bladder Cancer

Author(s): M. M. Mahmoud*, A. S. Alshawli, M. Assidi, M. Abu-Elmagd, J. Al-Maghrabi, M. Rehan, H. A. Yacoub and A. Buhmeida

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.454

Research Paper p. 74

Application of Urapidil Blood Pressure Regulation and Mechanical Ventilation Combined with Bone Window Craniotomy in the Treatment of Hypertensive Basal Ganglia Intracerebral Hemorrhage

Author(s): Hongyu Duan, Fan Yang, Bo Shao, Yu Zeng and Huihui Chen*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.455

Research Paper p. 79

Study on Application of Alfacalcidol Soft Capsule Combined with Raloxifene in the Postoperative Treatment of Postmenopausal Osteoporotic Thoracolumbar Fractures

Author(s): Yun Xiang, Chuancheng Feng, Jie Tang, Yao Xiao and Jin Chen*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.456

Research Paper p. 84

Heat Shock Protein 27 Expression Levels are associated with the Sensitivity of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cells to Sorafenib

Author(s): Yongmin Jin, Honghua Sun, Wenbiao Jin, Hengmin Han, Hai Cui and Dongxu Kang*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.457

Research Paper p. 92

Effect of Imipenem on Clinical Efficacy and Inflammatory Markers of Severe Pneumonia

Author(s): J. Ke, J. Mao and Chenguo Lin*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.458

Short Communication p. 98

Analysis of the Clinical Efficacy of Tenofovir Tablets Combined with Liqi Fuzheng Decoction in the Treatment of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

Author(s): Xinli Ru, Haiyan Xu, Yanping Xu and Haiyan Song*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.459

Research Paper p. 103

A Retrospective Analysis of Polymyxin B Combined with Tigecycline in the Treatment of Multi-Drug Resistance Klebsiella pneumoniae Infection: Hypertension Increases the Incidence of Acute Kidney Injury

Author(s): Xiao Du, Hanwen Tong, Yunfei Jiang* and Binxia Shao

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.460

Research Paper p. 111

Exercise Improves High Fat-Induced Cognitive Impairment by Inhibiting Hippocampal Neuroinflammation via the Suppression of TLR4/MyD88/NF-κB Signaling Pathway

Author(s): H. Li, Q. Yu, Xinyang Ma, Qi Liu and Y. Zhai*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.461

Short Communication p. 118

A Clinical Study on the Treatment of Insomnia with Incompatibility between Heart and Kidney by Embedding Beans in Ear Points and Huanglian Ejiao Decoction

Author(s): Qunhua Zhang, Weiming Liao, Xianchun Yi, Jian Gao and Lian Wu*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.462

Research Paper p. 122

Correlations between Fatigue, Social Support and Psychological Resilience of Patients with Recurrent Ovarian Cancer

Author(s): W. Shi, T. Jiang* and Yi Jiang

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.463

Research Paper p. 128

Effect of Shentong Zhuyu Decoction on Serum 5-Hydroxytryptamine and Prostaglandin E2 in Patients with Sciatica

Author(s): Qianfu Zhang and Sihan Zhou*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.464

Short Communication p. 134

Efficacy of Antibiotics Treatment in Preventing Postoperative Complications after Tooth Extraction Surgery: A Prospective, Randomized, Double-Blind Controlled Study

Author(s): Hui Xu and Jianqian Chao*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.465

Research Paper p. 138

Correlation of Long Non-Coding RNAs Taurine Up-Regulated Gene 1 with Clinicopathological Features in Patients with Ear Canal Cholesteato ma and on Its Expression Change under Anti-Infective Drugs

Author(s): Ting Xu, Haili Zhang*, Shuiling Xiong, C. Shi and Huijuan Fan

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.466

Research Paper p. 146

Influence of Broncho-Vaxom Immunotherapy Combined with Trelegy Ellipta on Blood Eosinophils in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Author(s): Bo Li, Fan Yang, Z. He, Rong Qiu, Y. Zhao and X. Luo*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.467

Short Communication p. 153

Effects of Metformin Combined with Dapagliflozin on Homocysteine, Cystatin C and Beta-2 Microglobulin Levels in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus

Author(s): Hui Zhou, Jinya Ding, O. H. Mohammad, L. Wu and S. Yang*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.468

Research Paper p. 158

Comparison of Clinical Effects of Intravenous Tranexamic Acid and Carbetocin in the Treatment of Postpartum Hemorrhage

Author(s): Xiaoling Zeng, Dan Huang*, Xin Luo, Han Gong and X. X. Wang

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.469

Research Paper p. 163

Construction and Validation of Necroptosis Risk-Scoring Signature in Lung Adenocarcinoma

Author(s): Xinxin Xu, Wenpei Dang, Yiming Tao and Y. S. Li*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.470

Research Paper p. 174

Effect of Citrus aurantium on Pain Intensity and Blood Pressure in Gastrectomy

Author(s): Long Chen and Tingjiang Xie*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.471

Research Paper p. 180

Effective Components and Mechanism of Wind Medicine on Regulating Blood-Brain Barrier Function Predicted by Network Pharmacology and Molecular Docking

Author(s): Xiao Yu Huang, Shuang Yang Li, Hong Mei Tang, Ling Xue Wang and Xue Bai*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.472

Research Paper p. 191

Evaluation of the Effects of Spinel Ferrite Nanoparticles on the Composition of Normal Human Blood Serum

Author(s): Mohammed Moulay*, Mohammed Alamri, Steve Harakeh, Afnan Alqadiri, Raed Alazhar, Ali Zari and Saleh Alkarim

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.473

Research Paper p. 200

Beta Caryophyllene in Combination with Dexmedetomidine Synergistically Inhibits Cell Proliferation in Ovarian Cancer: Involvement of AMPK and PGC-1α/TFAM

Author(s): Yaping Wei* and Y. Pan

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.474

Research Paper p. 207

Ginsenoside Rg3 Inhibits Cells Viability and Promotes Apoptosis of Oesophageal Cancer Cells via Downregulating the Phosphatidylinositol 3 Kinase-Protein Kinase B Signalling Pathway

Author(s): Wenduo Bian, Bixia Xuan, W. Yang, L. Zhang, J. Xu, Ling Xu and S. Yuan*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.475

Short Communication p. 212

All Trans Retinoic Acid Reverses Hypoxia Related Retinal Neurodegeneration in Mice

Author(s): Aimei Tang and Yanli Zhu*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.476

Research Paper p. 217

Systematic Pharmacological Mechanisms of Biatractylolide Treating Vascular Dementia

Author(s): Boyang Liu*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.477

Short Communication p. 226

Efficacy and Safety Analysis of Alfacalcidol Combined with Cinacalcet in the Treatment of Secondary Hyperparathyroidism in Patients with Chronic Renal Failure in Maintenance Hemodialysis

Author(s): Jin Tong and Xiafang Zheng*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.478

Short Communication p. 232

Analysis of Inflammatory Factors Levels and Safety in the Treatment of Psoriasis with Apremilast

Author(s): Ni Kong and Chong Liu*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.479

Review Article p. 237

Using Nanotechnology for Diagnosis and Treatment of Breast Cancer: A Review

Author(s): Teng Wang, Chunhao Cao, Mehrad Gavahi, Maryam Sadri and Xiaofeng Rong*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.480

Research Paper p. 246

Diagnostic Value and Clinical Significance of MicroRNA-193b-5p in Hypertensive Disorder Complicating Pregnancy

Author(s): Mengmeng Du, Shaojun Wu, Jiao Chen, Xia Liu, Pei Yu and Lin Wang*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.481

Research Paper p. 252

Mechanism of Dexmedetomidine Alleviating Myocardial Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury through Mitochondrial and Endoplasmic Reticulum Oxidative Stress Pathway

Author(s): Zhiqin Wu

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.482

Research Paper p. 262

Study on the Nursing Efficacy of Clopidogrel Combined With Oxiracetam in the Treatment of Patients with Cerebral Infarction

Author(s): Mi Gao, Juan Du and Fang Lei*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.483

Research Paper p. 268

Glycitin Induced Autophagy to Clear Amyloid Beta and Protects Neuronal Cell in Alzheimer?s Disease

Author(s): Lin Liu and H. Wang*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.484

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