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2019: Clinical and Experimental Studies on Drug and Intervention Repurposing in China

The Effect of Perioperative Injection of Lidocaine and Nursing Intervention on the Immune Functions of Patients Receiving Radical Resection for Colorectal Cancer

Author(s): Y. He and G. Qin1*

Application of Steady-State Visual Evoked Potentials and Magnetoencephalographic Signals in Schizophrenia

Author(s): T. Jiang, J. Guan1*, X. Liu1 and W. Qin1

Comparison of Direct and Indirect Mini-implant Anchorage in Adults with Maxillary Protrusion: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Author(s): L. Zhang1, Y. Lin2, R. Guo, Y. Huang, B. Xu, W. Li and W. Li*

Clinical Effect Analysis of Compound Cerebral Peptide Injection in the Treatment of Senile Dementia based on Meta-analysis of Medical Database

Author(s): J. Chen, Z. Jiang, Q. Wang and J. Chen*

The Imaging Quality and Clinical Application of High Field Magnetic Resonance Conventional Pulse Sequence Imaging T1WI, T2WI, and DWI in Lung Cancer Examination

Author(s): J. Sheng*, R. Jiang and F. Du

Fourier Analysis and Research on the Influence on Juvenile Myopia and Corneal Surface Morphology with Orthokeratology

Author(s): B. Li, Y. Liu1 and C. Li

Clinical Efficacy of Treatment with Fluorouracil Gastric Cancer after Radical Operation

Author(s): W. Zhao*, J. Wang1 and C. Tang2

Difference Analysis of Sensitivity of BI-RADS Classification of Breast Mass with Different Pathological Types

Author(s): Y. Tan, S. Liu, L. Ma and W. Du*

Establishment of a New Rat Model of Lumbar Disc Herniation for Minimally Invasive Interventional Surgery

Author(s): C. Deng, X. Yuan, H. Li1, S. Liu2 and M. Yao3*

Effectiveness of Health Education Intervention in Improving the Concept and Behavior of Breast Cancer Screening

Author(s): W. Sun, S. Zhai*, B. Lu, Y. Fu and X. Wang

Effects of Postoperative Nursing and Rehabilitation Intervention on Patients with Early Cervical Cancer based on FTS Model

Author(s): Y. Wang and H. Liao1*

Effects of Different Anesthesia Methods on NTI Index, Mean Arterial Pressure, Heart Rate and S-100beta Protein in Elderly Patients Undergoing Abdominal Surgery

Author(s): X. Xia, T. Guo, L. Wang, Z. Yang, Z. Zhu and D. Zhang1*

Mechanism of the Inhibitory Effect of Antiinflammatory Baicalin on Airway Reconstruction in COPD Rats

Author(s): J. Qiu, W. Gong and J. Dong*

The Effect of Nursing Intervention on the Rehabilitation of Senile Dementia in Rapid Aging Rat Model

Author(s): H. Guo* and B. Bai1

Application of Three-dimensional Tool Synthesis Model based on Quality Control Circle in Nursing Care of Patients with Indwelling Nasogastric Tube

Author(s): L. Dai, B. Zhou, Z. Cui, X. Han and X. Qu*

The Correlation between Quality of Life and Peer Support in Peritoneal Dialysis Patients

Author(s): X. Chen, Z. Xu, X. Cao, Q. Lu, X. Li and Y. Cai*

Effect of Vitamin and Paclitaxel on Proliferation of Breast Cancer Cells

Author(s): P. Lv* and J. Han1

Effect of Rehabilitation Nursing Training on Nerve Repair in Rats with Ischemic Stroke

Author(s): F. Li, Z. Zhou, J. Zhu, H. Wu and H. Pan1*

The Antirotation Function of L5-S1 Locking Axial Fixation with Inner Poke: An in vitro Biomechanical Study

Author(s): Y. Kang, X. Song*, X. Shu, C. Wang, Z. Huang1 and Q. Zhu1

Effects of Auricular Pressure on Gastrointestinal Function in Patients after Gastrointestinal Surgery

Author(s): G. Chen*

The Effects of Propofol and Sevoflurane on Postoperative Delirium in Patients with Malignant Tumors

Author(s): S. Zhao, Y. Lu*, and X. Zhuang

The Application of Aesthetic Surgery Technology Based on Facial Trauma

Author(s): R. Yu, X. Jiang1, X. Wang and B. Zhang*

Mechanism of Activation of AMPK/P53-CyPD Signaling Pathway in Inhibiting Osteoblast Apoptosis Induced by Dexamethasone

Author(s): Z. Guo, L. Zhu, C. Yin, Y. Liu, J. Fang and Y. Zhen*

Application of FOCUS-PDCA in Reproductive Clinic Procedure and Study on Patient Satisfaction

Author(s): X. Xu, X. Qian and X. Lv1*

The Role of Extended Nursing on Clopidogrel Compliance in Elderly Post- Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Patients with Coronary Heart Disease

Author(s): Fang Chen, Xi E Wang1 and Xin Wang2*

Nursing Methods for Improving Medication Compliance of Diabetic Patients with Tumor

Author(s): Hui Yang, Weiwei Liu1, Lili Ding, Lin Xue and Lu Wang2*

Effects of the Early Repair of Traumatic Craniocerebral Injury on Neural Functions and the Extraction and Exploration of Medical Information

Author(s): Y. Zheng, Y. Xu, Q. Zhang, P. Chen, J. Deng, Y. Gao And K. Wang*

Effect of Dexmedetomidine on Children Undergoing Craniocerebral Surgery: a Meta-analysis

Author(s): H. Wang, R. Liu1, L. Wu2*, H. Xu3 and T. Xu*

Nursing Utility and Relevant Mechanism of Boric Acid in Promoting Wound Healing in Diabetic Mice

Author(s): L. Chen

Clinical Study of Pregabalin in the Treatment of Postherpetic Neuralgia

Author(s): X. Ge*, Q. Pan1, F. Xie, C. Jiang and H. Jin

Antifatigue Ability of Tea Polyphenols in Exercising Rats after Intragastric Administration

Author(s): D. Liu, Xiao Han1, Y. Cao and H. Wang2*