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2020: Drug Development and Human Health in China

Research Paper p. 1

Effect of Certain Quinones on Adenosine Triphosphate Level in Human Bladder Cancer Cells

Author(s): H. Zhu and H. Wang*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.25

Research Paper p. 7

Evaluation of Cognitive Behavior Combined with Biofeedback Therapy Based on the Fusion of Normed Space and Banach Space on the Emotional State of Patients with Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting

Author(s): X. Wang and Q. Yuan*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.26

Research Paper p. 14

Application of Laparoscopic Radical Cystectomy and Urinary Diversion based on 3D Technique

Author(s): Hui Xu, Mingshuai Wang, Liyuan Wu, Q. He and N. Xing*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.27

Short Communication p. 21

Preliminary Study on the Healing Effect of Platelet-rich Fibrin for Soft Tissue Defects in Oral Implants

Author(s): C. Wang* and X. Ma

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.28

Short Communication p. 26

The Value of Serum Amyloid A on Early Diagnosing and Prognosis for Perioperative Patients with Extracorporeal Circulation

Author(s): B. Ma, L. He, Y. Xia, L. Chi, Z. Piao, X. Sun, J. Dai, C. Yang and F. Shen*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.29

Short Communication p. 31

Genomic DNA Methylation of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Applied in Early Screening of Tumour

Author(s): X. Luo, M. Tang* and Q. Hu

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.30

Short Communication p. 35

Differential Expression of ANXA2 in Eutopic and Ectopic Endometrium

Author(s): Haiyan Yu, Qingling Lu, Yiting Wang, X. Ma, Bo Li and Lina Yang*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.31

Short Communication p. 39

The Application of Enoxaparin Sodium Injection in the Treatment of Cerebral Infarction

Author(s): N. Wang* and X. Liu

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.32

Short Communication p. 44

Gene Chip Detection of Gene Expression Profile Changes after Treatment of MOLT-4 Cells with Smo siRNA

Author(s): Z. Huamin, B. Shijie, L. Baixing and S. Zhiqiang*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.33

Short Communication p. 48

Effect of Nursing on Patients with Primary Liver Cancer before and after Transcatheter Arterial Embolization

Author(s): Lan Luan and Lin Wang*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.34

Short Communication p. 51

Postoperative Curative Effect of Docetaxel and Nedaplatin Combined Chemotherapy in Advanced Gastric Carcinoma

Author(s): H Tian, J Shang, Z Ji, Rongrong Me, D Su, Y Wang and D Ke*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.35

Short Communication p. 55

Evaluation of Rehabilitation and MRI Results of the Combined Therapy of Bushenzhichan Formula and Needle Embedding for Parkinsons Disease

Author(s): L. Guo, C. Zhang*, Juan Wang, J. Teng, G. Feng and Mengyan Lu

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.36

Short Communication p. 58

Effect of Lumbar Cistern Drainage Combined with Nimodipine on Cerebral Vasospasm after Intracranial Aneurysm Intervention

Author(s): K. Xia* and Q. Chen

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.37

Short Communication p. 63

Efficacy of a Combination of Nimodipine and Edaravone in the Treatment of Acute Cerebral Hemorrhage

Author(s): Suzhen Wang*, Xiaoqin An, Yuehua Wang, J. Zhang And L. Qi

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.38

Short Communication p. 66

Treating Chronic Hepatitis B Liver Fibrosis with a Combination of Biejiaruangan Compound Tablet and Entecavir with the aid of Real-time Shear Wave Elastography

Author(s): Y. Fang, L. Sun, Qin Qiu, Z. Du, X. Xie, Jingjing Yu, G. Li and S. Ma*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.39

Short Communication p. 74

The Clinical Effect of Domperidone on Reflux Gastritis

Author(s): Xiaodan Sui, Houbo Deng, Xuezhu Jin and Yan Leng*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.41

Short Communication p. 78

The Relation between Entecavir Dose and Therapeutic Effect in the Treatment of Hepatitis B Virus

Author(s): Fang Lu, Hui Wang and Qingling Yu*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.42

Short Communication p. 81

Effect of Terazosin on the Pharmacokinetics of Levofloxacin in the Rat Model of Prostatitis

Author(s): H. Fan*, H. Zheng and Q. Zhang

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.43

Short Communication p. 85

Clinical Analysis of the Effect of Contrast-enhanced Ultrasonography on Trans-arterial Chemoembolization for Advanced Liver Cancer in the Elderly

Author(s): L. Liang, J. Lu, X. Li, J. Chen, W. Luo, Z. Chen and Z. He*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.44

Short Communication p. 89

Ultrasonic Testing of Clinical Effect of Bicyclol on Liver Function Impairment Induced by Antithyroid Drugs

Author(s): Y. MIAO*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.45

Short Communication p. 92

Safety and Clinical Efficacy of Hepatectomy for Left Hepatolithiasis

Author(s): Q. ZOU, J. CHEN AND C. LI*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.46

Short Communication p. 98

Changes of CD4+CD25+Foxp3+Treg Cells and Th1Th2 Cells in Subcutaneous Specific Immunotherapy for Allergic Asthma

Author(s): L. LIU, L. MU, G. LI, Y. SUN, N. HE AND F. TIAN*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.47

Short Communication p. 101

Improvement of Vitamin A and Trace Elements in Children with Anemia

Author(s): T. DING* AND Q. JIANG

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.48

Short Communication p. 105

The Relationship between Human Papillomavirus Infection and Cervical Precancerous Lesions

Author(s): L. YU, X. MA, Y. HUA, X. YU, N. YAN AND Z. LI*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.spl.49

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