Volume 69, Issue 3

Review Article p. 337

Pyrimidine as antiinflammatory agent: A review

M Amir, SA Javed, Harish Kumar

Review Article p. 344

Biological importance of organoselenium compounds

C Narajji, MD Karvekar, AK Das

Review Article p. 352

Organic volatile impurities in pharmaceuticals

SB Puranik, PNS Pai, GK Rao

Research Paper p. 360

Formulation strategy for low absorption window antihypertensive agent

MJ Qureshi, J Ali, Alka Ahuja, Sanjula Baboota

Research Paper p. 365

In vitro and in situ absorption studies of vasicine in rats

HNA Ram, Annie Shirwaikar, A Shirwaikar

Research Paper p. 370

In vitro and in vivo advantage of celecoxib surface solid dispersion and dosage form development

RP Dixit, MS Nagarsenker

Research Paper p. 378

Evaluation of protective effects of water extract of Spirulina platensis (blue green algae) on cisplatin-induced lipid peroxidation

S Ray, K Roy, Chandana Sengupta

Research Paper p. 384

Design and evaluation of diclofenac sodium controlled drug delivery systems

KM Manjunatha, MV Ramana, D Satyanarayana

Research Paper p. 390

An approach to minimize Pseudomembranous colitis caused by clindamycin through liposomal formulation

MV Ramana, AD Chaudhari, M Himaja, D Satyanarayana, Kamal Dua

Research Paper p. 394

Design, development and in vitro evaluation of sennosides tablets containing pectin HPMC for colonic drug delivery

Munira Momin, K Pundarikakshudu

Research Paper p. 402

Mucoadhesive microspheres of propranolol hydrochloride for nasal delivery

PM Dandagi, VS Mastiholimath, AP Gadad, SR Iliger

Research Paper p. 408

Stability studies on a cough syrup in plastic containers

Renuka Gupta, Kamalinder K Singh

Research Paper p. 414

Effect of buspirone on blood sugar levels in humans

SK Ojha, M Nandave, C Sharma

Research Paper p. 418

Preparation and in vitro evaluation of sustained release drug delivery system for verapamil HCL

MR Bhalekar, J Avari, RA Umalka

Research Paper p. 423

The effect of particle properties on the semisolid spreadability of pharmaceutical pastes

Soheila Honary, M Chaigani, A Majidian

Research Paper p. 427

Studies to enhance dissolution properties of carbamazepine

ST Prajapati, MC Gohel, LD Patel

Research Paper p. 431

Seed mucilage from Ocimum americanum linn. as disintegrant in tablets: Separation and evaluation

DM Patel, DG Prajapati, NM Patel

Short Communication p. 436

Validated TLC densitometric method for the quantification of paroxetine hydrochloride in solid dosage form

RN Sharma, MS Bagul, SC Chaturvedi, KK Vasu, M Rajani

Short Communication p. 438

Antimicrobial screening of some newly synthesised transition metal complexes of a dithiocarbazate derived from isoniazid

Shashi B Kalia, V Sharma, Kamakshi Lumba, Geetanjli Kaushal, Anuradha Sharma

Short Communication p. 442

Improved dissolution rate of valdecoxib inclusion complexes with hydroxypropyl-?-cyclodextrin

SN Hiremath, N Bharti, PV Swamy, SA Raju

Short Communication p. 446

A HPTLC method for quantitative estimation of swetiamarin in marketed polyherbal antidiabetic formulations

PM Patel, KN Patel, NM Patel, RK Goyal

Short Communication p. 448

Determination of microsomal CYP2A6 activity by high performance liquid chromatography

SS Lavhekar, AK Bhopale, AA Lohade, EC Coutinho, KR Iyer

Short Communication p. 451

Spectrophotometric estimation of famciclovir in bulk and tablet dosage form

S Nizamuddin, BM Gurupadayya, MC Ravi, YN Manohara, S Appala Raju

Short Communication p. 454

Study of anti ulcer activity of sodium metavanadate on alcohol and pylorus ligation induced gastric ulcers in rats

PB Suthar, SM Jain, AA Mehta, DD Santani

Short Communication p. 457

Spectrophotometric determination of andrographolides in Andrographis paniculata nees and its formulation

Karishma Shah, Priti Trivedi, Shivprakash, K Pundarikakshudu

Short Article p. 459

Influence of Calotropis procera roots on biochemistry of reproductive organs of ovariectomized rats

D Ahirwar, Bharti Ahirwar, MD Kharya

Short Communication p. 462

Colorimetry method for estimation of glycine, alanine and isoleucine

SA Shah, IS Rathod, Dharitri Kanakia

Short Communication p. 464

Colorimetric estimation of sulphacetamide sodium in bulk and in formulations

Ajay Gaur, RK Gupta, B Shrivastava

Short Communication p. 467

Preparation and evaluation of mouth dissolving tablets of salbutamol sulphate

Sarasija Suresh, V Pandit, HP Joshi

Short Communication p. 470

Synthesis and biological evaluation of some novel pyrazolines

V Harinadha Babu, CH Sridevi, A Joseph, KK Srinivasan

Short Communication p. 473

HPTLC analysis of hepatoprotective diterpenoid andrographolide from Andrographis paniculata nees (kalmegh)

Archana P Raina, A Kumar, SK Pareek

Short Communication p. 476

Synthesis and biological evaluation of some novel quinazolones

EM Jessy, A Thirugnana Sambanthan, J Alex, CH Sridevi, KK Srinivasan