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Volume 83, Issue 3

Review Article p. 402

A Review: Recent Trends in Analytical Techniques for Characterization and Structure Elucidation of Impurities in the Drug Substances

I. Parmar*, H. Rathod and S. Shaik

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.789

Review Article p. 416

Personalized Medicine: A New Normal for Therapeutic Success

M. S. Sarvan and Lakshmi Prasanthi Nori*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.790

Research Article p. 430

New Validated Diffuse Reflectance Infrared Fourier Transform Spectroscopic Method for the Quantification of Levofloxacin in Pharmaceutical Dosage Form

A. Y. M. S. Alnaqbi, B. A. Bhongade* and A. A. Azzawi

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.791

Research Article p. 437

Role of Ethanolic Extract of Microdus brasiliensis (Duby) Ther. in Protecting Survival Rate in Sepsis: An In vivo Study

K. N. Killari*, Ho Viet Hieu, N. H. Thuan, Haritha Polimati, V. B. Tatipamula, G. V. S. Kumar and S. K. Ranajit

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.792

Research Article p. 443

A Potential Lead from Acacia nilotica (L.) Delile Against Hepatitis C virus - An In silico Approach

Radha Kesavan Lekshmi, K. B. Charuvil*and S. Sivanandan

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.793

Research Paper p. 451

Development and Validation of a Reversed-phase High Performance Liquid Chromatography Method for the Simultaneous Estimation of Rosuvastatin Calcium and Telmisartan in Fixed-Dose Complex Dual-Layer Tablets in Six Dosage Forms

Min Nyeong Choi, Y. J. Park and Joo Eun Kim*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.794

Research Article p. 465

Inhibition of Colon Cancer Cells Proliferation and Invasion by Etoposide Loaded on Nano-Suspensions Containing Black Currant Seed and Evening Primrose Oils

Salwa M Alhashemi, Mayson H Alkhatib* and Hana M Gashlan

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.795

Research Article p. 473

Development of pH-Responsive Interpenetrating Polymer Networks of Polyacrylamide-g-Gum Arabica and Sodium Alginate for Gastroprotective Delivery of Gabapentin

S. Pramanik, J. Dutta and P. Chakraborty*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.796

Research Article p. 483

Brain Training Improves Cigarette Smoke Induced Dementia in Female C57 Black 6 Mice

Anjali Raj, Sadashivaiah, S. V. Madhunapatula and Santhepete Najundaiah Manjula*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.797

Research Article p. 494

Efficiency Evaluation and Usages of Thunbergia alata, Thunbergia erecta and their Combination

Kittiya Suwannakud, P. Boonthai, K. Noikotr, Arunrat Chaveerach, T. Tanee, Runglawan Sudmoon, P. Siripiyasing and N. Saemram*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.798

Research Article p. 504

Caspase-3 Inhibition Prediction of Pyrrolo[3,4-c] Quinoline-1,3-Diones Derivatives Using Computational Tools

Vandana Pandey*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.799

Research Article p. 515

Biosynthesis and Characterization of Silver Nanoparticles Using Wheatgrass Extract and Assessment of Their Anticandidal Activity

Sangeeta Kamradgi, Suhasini Anganellikar, Shankaravva Babanagare and M V Gunagambhire*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.800

Research Article p. 523

Experimental Design Methodology for Simultaneous Determination of Anti-Diabetic Drugs by Reverse Phase Liquid Chromatographic Method

V. Bukkapatnam*, Mukthinuthalapati Mathrusri Annapurna and K. C. Routhu

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.801

Research Article p. 535

The Effect of Azalea on Oxidative Stress, Immune Factors and Vasodilator Factor in Hypertensive Rats

Z. Liu, Jing Guo, Zhenhui Du and Erqing Chai*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.802

Research Article p. 541

Effects of Recombinant Human Erythropoietin on Inflammatory Factors in Rats with Traumatic Brain Injury

K. Xue*, Zheng Jin, B. Zhang, G. Han and Chen Zhang

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.803

Research Article p. 547

Evaluation of Antihyperglycemic Effect of Epilobium parviflorum in High Fat Diet Fructose Streptozotocin Induced Type 2 Diabetic Albino Wistar Rats

S. K. Ranajit,*, K. N. Killari, E. K. Kilari and P. K. Sahu

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.804

Research Article p. 556

In silico Studies Predict Efficient Binding of Remdesivir and Favipiravir with 3-chymotrypsin like protease of SARS-CoV-2 for COVID-19 Interventional Therapy

D. Dey, N. Dey, Shalini Ghosh and Padma Thiagarajan*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.805

Research Article p. 562

Effectiveness of Motion Infographic Media on the Improvement of Knowledge and Medical Adherence in Human Immunodeficiency Virus Patients

Jongkonnee Chongpornchai, N. Phornprapa and L. Sratthaphut*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.806

Research Article p. 569

Effects of Vitamin D3 on Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Rats via the Toll-Like Receptor 4/ Myeloid Differentiation Primary Response 88/ Nuclear Factor Kappa Light Chain Enhancer of Activated B Cells Signaling Pathway

Weiwei Liu, Xueping Liu, Yanan Xu, Z. Zhao and Jianhua Li*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.807

Research Article p. 575

Application of Box-Behnken Design for Formulation Parameters of Eslicarbazepine Tablets

Paravastu Venkata Kamala Kumari*, S. R. Yarraguntla, Mantha Sharmila and Ekshitha Gulibindala

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.808

Research Article p. 584

In vivo Immunomodulatory Potential of Aqueous Extract of Different parts of Terminalia catappa L.

P. Venkatalakshmi* and P. Brindha

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.809

Research Article p. 595

Effects of Ambroxol Hydrochloride on Lung Tissue Cell Apoptosis and Vascular Remodeling in Rats with Smoke Induced Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Jing Xie*, Yeyu Qin, Min Wang, Danna Wu, Lili Zhong and J Zhang

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.810

Research Article p. 603

Effects of Dexmedetomidine on Rats with Functional Chronic Visceral Pain Based on Protein Expressions in the Extracellular Signal-Regulated Kinase 1/Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate Response Element-Binding Protein Signaling Pathway

J. Li, Huizhong Tang and Li Ma*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.811

Short Communication p. 610

Prospective Study of Irrational Prescribing in an Indian Tertiary Care Hospital: Omission of Prescription and Inappropriate Prescription in a Multidisciplinary Unit

Y. K. Bokam*, C. Guntupalli, S. N. K. R. Gudhanti, R. R. Alavala, G. V. S. Kumar, U. Kulandaivelu and Roja Rani Budha

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.812

Short Communication p. 614

Inhibitory Effects of Astragalus Polysaccharide on Myocardial Apoptosis Induced by Hypoxia or Reoxygenation in Rats

Lai Wei, Yingzhe Liu, Z. Liu, Q. Mao, Na Shi and J. Yang*

DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.813

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