Volume 69, Issue 5

Review Article p. 609

Recent trends in drug-likeness prediction: A comprehensive review of In silico methods

RU Kadam, N Roy

Review Article p. 616

Biodegradable polymers: Which, when and why?

VB Kotwal, Maria Saifee, Nazma Inamdar, Kiran Bhise

Research Paper p. 626

Strong cation exchange resin for improving physicochemical properties and sustaining release of ranitidine hydrochloride

S Khan, A Guha, PG Yeole, P Katariya

Research Paper p. 633

Novel co-processed excipients of mannitol and microcrystalline cellulose for preparing fast dissolving tablets of glipizide

S Jacob, AA Shirwaikar, A Joseph, KK Srinivasan

Research Paper p. 640

Formulation and optimization of directly compressible isoniazid modified release matrix tablet

MC Gohel, RK Parikh, MN Padshala, KG Sarvaiya, DG Jena

Research Paper p. 646

Effect of casting solvent and polymer on permeability of propranolol hydrochloride through membrane controlled transdermal drug delivery system

T.E.G.K Murthy, VS Kishore

Research Paper p. 651

Preparation of mucoadhesive microspheres for nasal delivery by spray drying

Mahalaxmi Rathananand, DS Kumar, A Shirwaikar, Ravi Kumar, D Sampath Kumar, RS Prasad

Research Paper p. 658

Effect of polymers on crystallo-co-agglomeration of ibuprofen-paracetamol: Factorial design

A Pawar, AR Paradkar, SS Kadam, KR Mahadik

Research Paper p. 665

Synthesis and antimicrobial evaluation of some novel 2-imino-3-(4'-carboxamido pyridyl)-5-arylidene-4-thiazolidinones and their brominated derivatives

P Mishra, T Lukose, SK Kashaw

Research Paper p. 669

Measurement of urine and plasma oxalate with reusable strip of amaranthus leaf oxalate oxidase

Nisha Sharma, Minakshi Sharma, V Kumar, CS Pundir

Short Communication p. 674

Simultaneous HPLC estimation of omeprazole and domperidone from tablets

Lakshmi Sivasubramanian, V Anilkumar

Short Communication p. 676

Isolation and evaluation of fenugreek seed husk as a granulating agent

Amelia Avachat, KN Gujar, VB Kotwal, Sonali Patil

Short Communication p. 680

Synthesis and In vitro efficacy of some halogenated imine derivatives as potential antimicrobial agents

AK Halve, Deepti Bhadauria, B Bhaskar, R Dubey, Vasudha Sharma

Short Communication p. 683

Simultaneous spectrophotometric estimation of atorvastatin calcium and ezetimibe in tablets

SS Sonawane, AA Shirkhedkar, RA Fursule, SJ Surana

Short Communication p. 684

High performance thin layer chromatographic estimation of lansoprazole and domperidone in tablets

JV Susheel, M Lekha, TK Ravi

Short Communication p. 687

Antimicrobial activity of Helicteres isora root

S Venkatesh, K Sailaxmi, B Madhava Reddy, Mullangi Ramesh

Short Communication p. 689

Synthesis and antibacterial activity of 2-phenyl-3,5-diphenyl (substituted) -6-aryl-3,3a,5,6-tetrahydro-2h-pyrazolo[3,4-d]thiazoles

SK Sahu, SK Mishra, RK Mohanta, PK Panda, Md. Afzal Azam

Short Communication p. 692

Simultaneous estimation of aceclofenac, paracetamol and chlorzoxazone in tablets

G Garg, Swarnlata Saraf, S Saraf

Short Article p. 695

Reverse phase high performance liquid chromatography method for estimation of ezetimibe in bulk and pharmaceutical formulations

SK Akmar, Lata Kothapalli, Asha Thomas, Sumitra Jangam, AD Deshpande

Short Communication p. 697

Synthesis and antiinflammatory activity of n-aryl anthranilic acid and its derivatives

JK Joshi, VR Patel, K Patel, D Rana, K Shah, Ronak Patel, Rajesh Patel

Short Communication p. 700

RP-HPLC method for the determination of atorvastatin calcium and nicotinic acid in combined tablet dosage form

DA Shah, KK Bhatt, RS Mehta, MB Shankar, SL Baldania

Short Communication p. 703

Determination of etoricoxib in pharmaceutical formulations by HPLC method

HM Patel, BN Suhagia, SA Shah, IS Rathod

Proceedings p. 707

Albumin microspheres of fluticasone propionate inclusion complexes for pulmonary delivery

AA Lohade, DJ Singh, JJ Parmar, DD Hegde, MD Menon, PS Soni, A Samad, RV Gaikwad

Proceedings p. 709

Design and development of thermoreversible mucoadhesive microemulsion for intranasal delivery of sumatriptan succinate

RS Bhanushali, AN Bajaj

Proceedings p. 712

Preparation and characterization of chitosan nanoparticles for nose to brain delivery of a cholinesterase inhibitor

Bhavna, V Sharma, M Ali, S Baboota, J Ali

Proceedings p. 714

Poloxamer coated fluticasone propionate microparticles for pulmonary delivery; In vivo lung deposition and efficacy studies

DJ Singh, JJ Parmar, DD Hegde, MD Menon, PS Soni, A Samad, RV Gaikwad

Proceedings p. 716

Sustained release budesonide liposomes: Lung deposition and efficacy evaluation

JJ Parmar, DJ Singh, DD Hegde, MD Menon, PS Soni, A Samad, RV Gaikwad

Proceedings p. 717

Generation of budesonide microparticles by spray drying technology for pulmonary delivery

SR Naikwade, AN Bajaj

Meeting Report p. 721

Microemulsion of lamotrigine for nasal delivery

AJ Shende, RR Patil, PV Devarajan

Proceedings p. 722

Development of a pMDI formulation containing budesonide

E Robins, G Brouet, S Priolkar

Proceedings p. 724

Development of a pMDI formulation containing salbutamol

E Robins, G Williams, S Priolkar

Proceedings p. 726

Aqua triggered In situ gelling microemulsion for nasal delivery

RR Shelke, PV Devarajan

Proceedings p. 728

In vivo performance of nasal spray pumps in human volunteers by SPECT-CT imaging

SA Hazare, MD Menon, PS Soni, G Williams, G Brouet

Proceedings p. 729

Nasal permeation enhancement of sumatriptan succinate through nasal mucosa

SS Shidhaye, NS Saindane, PV Thakkar, SB Sutar, VJ Kadam

Proceedings p. 731

Formulation development of eucalyptus oil microemulsion for intranasal delivery

NG Tiwari, AN Bajaj